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Key topics Scaling up RRT training in AFRO &EMRO From November 7-9, 2017, a meeting was held in Ouidah, Benin, with Institut Régional de Santé Publique (IRSP) to launch a WHO-IRSP collaboration for the implementation of RRT training for French-speaking countries in the African Region. Makerere University in Uganda was identified as a potential collaborating institution for the implementation of RRT training for English- speaking countries in the African Region. There were discussions with the WHO EMRO Office for the identification of a suitable partner institution for the implementation In October 2017, WHO held an informal consultation at the WHO Lyon office to review the RRT training package. The purpose of this review was to define a framework for a sustainable capacity building approach to support national RRT teams in countries with "high risks" and "low resources". Several revisions to the RRT training package were made. All existing modules were updated and adjusted to include an all-hazard approach, under the combined leadership of WHO, CDC, and Johns Hopkins University. RRT Training Package of RRT training for English-speaking countries in the Eastern Mediterranean Region.

RRT Competency Framework

Seven RRT competencies were identified based on the missions of RRTs:

1. Producing results 2. Planning, implementation, and monitoring 3. Respecting and promoting individual and cultural differences 4. Assessing and analyzing 5. Communication 6. Fostering collaboration and teamwork 7. Building and promoting partnerships



It was decided to add several new modules:

One Health Approach for RRTs Occupational Safety and Health Points of Entry Emergency Operation Centre / Incident Management System / Public Health Emergency Management WHO Outbreak Toolbox Excel Logistics Interpersonal Skills Event-based Surveillance and Early Warning and Response

The updated version of the RRT training package should be available on the WHO Health Security Learning Platform by April 2018.

RRT KN in 2017

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