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In order to supply high-quality bedding plant cuttings free from diseases and pests, we have established a production system for bedding plant stock. Due to the sensitivity of various bedding plant cultivars to viral infections, we focus on the production of clean propagating material. We use four identification-methods for bedding plant tests: • Elisa – a serological method for identifying 30 different viruses; • P.C.R. – a molecular method; • Biological test – seven different types of plants are used as test-plants; • The ElectronMicroscope – visual scanning and identification of virus particles. The last two methods test for viruses which differ from those tested with Elisa and P.C.R., ensuring the material is virus-free. All the facilities are coveredwith insect-proof netting, and strict sanitation requirements are applied, such as harvesting with knives dipped in a disinfecting solution. The process of producing new, virus- free propagation material begins in the Candidate house. These plants are tested

regularly for viral infection. If a plant is infected, we can use meristem tissue culture, combined with thermotherapy, to obtain a new clean plant. Only virus-free plants are transferred to the laboratory, where a few plantlets of each variety are grown. Each of them is called ‘a line’, and is given a separate number. After dividing the original plantlet into several plantlets, the new ones are taken to the greenhouse in order to ensure they are true-to-type and free of pathogens. Following this testing procedure, when the clone is found true-to-type and pathogen- free, it is marked as ELITE STOCK. Our mother stocks are grown from the Elite- Stock cuttings. These cuttings are used for building the commercial mother-stock, and are also supplied to Danziger’s licensees throughout the world. In cooperation with virologists, and in strict adherence to Plant Protection Authorities’ regulations, Danziger ’s dedication to producing virus-free propagated material ensures the production of high-quality, virus-free plants.

1 Breeding of New Varieties 2 Meristem Tissue Culture 3 Candidate Stock 4 Nuclear Stock 5 Propagation Stock 6 Certified Stock 7 Rooting Installation


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