Sample Salary Information Salary information below represents median trends for sample job functions below and may not account for variables including geography, candidate background, or other factors involved in salary negotiation. For more complete information, check out the O*Net and the Occupational Outlook Handbook in addition to conducting informational interviews with professionals in the field.

Organizations Where our Alumni Have Gone • Lucy Ragsdale High School • District Attorney’s Office in Greensboro • Horizons Magazine • College of Charleston • WFMY News 2

• Radio Announcer: $28,020

• Librarian: $55,370*

• Reporter: $35, 870

• Public Relations: $54, 170

• Editor: $53, 880 • Professor: $62,050* • Intelligence Specialist: $74,300 • Publisher: $37,040 *additional education may be required

GPA & Other Program Requirements Once you declare an English major and select your academic concentration, you want to be sure you are aware of the various GPA and program requirements. Knowing these in advance will help you stay on track each semester and in planning out your long-term goals. Concentration GPA & Program Requirements Application Procedures English (BA) • A grade of C- or higher must be earned for all major requirement courses.

Comprehensive High School Teaching Licensure*

• Minimum Major and Cum of 2.75 • Achieve minimum score on Praxis I, ACT or SAT

Students must be admitted to Teacher Education program. Students may apply at the end of their sophomore year. More information in the Secondary Teacher Education Handbook.

Completed Background Check

Sample Minors/Double-Majors Often, UNCG students may be interested in pursuing a second major or a minor to complement this major. If this is of interest to you, be sure to discuss it with your advisor early on. Some possible minors or majors to consider include: • History • Education • Pre-Law • Communications Studies *This licensure program relies heavily on early and adequate advising. It is the student’s responsibility to meet as soon as possible with both his/her major advisor and the secondary education advisor in the School of Education Office of Student Services.

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