Questions and Meditations


The earth as we know it is at stake. Evolution is in a phase of acceleration. Humanity must awake, or perish.

If many are the clarified voices that rise today in all countries and in all languages of this world, enjoining governments to change course while there is still time, monopolies, consortiums and financial groups are increasing their self-interested pressure all the more. What are the forces that actually hold the power, what is really this power, where is it seated and is there no saving puissance at work in this universe? Or is it still and always the same perpetual age-long battle between Good and Evil, between the Adversary and the Divine? Or else are such perceptions only issuing from our state of consciousness and our subjectivity?

Yet is it not undeniable that two distinct kinds of forces, actions and currents are engaged in our consciousnesses?

It is NOW that we all must choose between those forces that possess us through our obscured willingness and those forces that are working for the true Good. The choice is between those forces that seek to destroy the very milieu of a continuously progressive evolution, and those forces that are working to establish a concrete and irreversible awakening in human consciousness.


The ideal towards which we must move actively and integrally is that of a humanity enlightened, pacified and eager for harmony, which will be capable of accepting and welcoming the apparition of transitory beings learning to operate in the material world according to a Principle of Unity and a direct and sovereign Consciousness.

For mankind must and can collaborate.


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