Alcalá View 2001 17.8

May 2001, Vol. 17, Issue 8 A newsletter for the employees of the University of San Diego View Creating a More Diverse Campus, One Step at a Time U SO is making progress toward the creation of a more diverse campus, but the work isn't over yet, say admin- istrators who are implementing a new diversity plan. University o ffi c ia ls drafted the University P lan for Diversity and Inclusion las t year and currently are working

orange o r gree n," says the campus diversity development director, Reuben Mitchell, who helped put the plan together and wi ll oversee its implementation. "It's about how we trea t each other." Em/Jio) 1 ees and students can read d1e University Plan for

on implementing its goals, wh ich include increased recruitment

Diversity by visiting sity. htm. To submit comments , contact Reuben MitcheU at ext. 8750 ar

and retention of fac ult y, students, administrato rs

The plan is the latest in a series of campus-wide divers ity efforts dating to 1991, when USO received a $1.6 milli on from the James Irvine Foundat ion , a philanthrop ic organi- zation ded icated to improving divers ity at private schoo ls. The grant was used to identify campus attitudes, create diversity workshops and conduct human relations retreats. A second $500,000 grant, awarded in 1996, funded leader- ship training programs. The grants helped the univers ity increase the number of peop le of co lo r who work and go to sch oo l h e re , sta rt Spanish-language programs for employees, sponsor "Stop the (continued on page four)

and staff of color, and rec og niti o n of th e v ital ro le div e rs ity plays in campus life. T he plan will be dis- cussed at a May 3 University Senate mee ting a nd will be reviewed by the Board of Trustees next year. "It's no t just about the co l- ors - bl ack , brown o r even

Put a New Twist on Your Commute: Leave the Car at Home Every morning Greg Zackowski, opera- tions d irector a t the Hahn University Cente r, dons bike shorts and he lmet, jumps on his Fuji, peda ls seven miles to work, showers and changes in to shirt a nd ti e in t h e locker room a t th e Univers ity Center and arr iv es at hi s post, all by 8:30 a. m. than hi s drive. "One person in o n e car isn' t a long- ter m an swe r in Southe rn California."

The uni vers ity's a nnu a l "Fresh A ir Challenge" on May 3 is the perfect opportunity to leave the car at h ome, says Zackowsk i, fo under of USD's Fres h A ir Commuter C lub . The gro up, which promotes Greg Zaclwwski commutes to work on his bicycle. alternative transportation and

Zackowski, who adop ted the routine three years ago, knows taking alterna- tive transportation to work is less con- venient, but e nco urages hi s fe ll ow employees to try it at least once. "If they do it for on e day, may be they' ll rea li ze tha t it's not tha t hard, espec ia ll y s inc e parking is ge ttin g tougher and gas is ge tting more expen- sive ," says Zackowski , whose bicycle commute is o nly 13 minut es lo nge r

lobbies to make commuting eas ier for employees, sponsors the day to insp ire the campus community to walk, bike, run, take public transportation or car- poo l to work. Las t year 80 peop le partic ipated in the ch allenge; this year's goa l is 100.

Students will treat part ic ipants to cof- fee, juice and snacks from 7 to 9 a. m. on Co lachi s Plaza, and the fi rst 100 commuters will receive an Aromas gift certificate. The depa rtme nt with the most participants will rece ive the (continued on /Jage three)

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