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rial, types class exams, fac­ ulty correspondence and proposals, and offers an emphathetic ear to stu­ dents' problems and ques­ tions. Seated comfortably at her typewriter, and sur­ rounded by walls papered with cat photos, Valois says she is quite content with her working environment. Sh�s thought about appl� ing for other positions at USD, but is very happy where she is. "Since I've been here so long," she notes, "it's almost like a family rather than a typical office relationship." • 77 receive • service awards A lotal of77 staffem­ ployees received service awards al the Staf f Appreciation Pic­ nic July 31. Before presenting service pins lo employees, USD President Author E. Hughes noted "how very much the University appre­ ciates the contributions of its employees. The people who make up our commu­ nity are the most impor­ tant part of USD." Service award winners are listed on page 3.

Valois employee of the year

By Sera Schmitt

D uring the 16 years Renate Valois has worked as a faculty secretary at USD, nothing unusual hap­ pened, she attests. No blow­ ups in the chemistry department-just an occa­ sional call warning there was a bomb down there. ··sut. that's nothing unu­ sual." she insists. On July 31, something memorable happened for Valois. At the first Staf f Ap­ preciation Picnic she was awarded the honor of Staff Employee ofthe Year 1985. "I had no idea I was be­ ing considered,'' says Va­ lois. "and would like to thank the faculty-and es­ pecially Dr. Hughes and the committee-for sup­ porting me among all the fine candidates:· The only regret Valois has is that her husband, USD psychology professor John Valois, wasn·t on campus to share her excite­ ment. He was studying un­ der a grant at the Univer­ sity of Marburg in West Germany. Valois met her husband at USD. where she began workingjust three months

1985 Staff Employee of the Year Renate Valois was honored with a silver anniversary clock at the Staff Appreciation Picnic. Her name also will be inscribed on a permanent plaque to be placed near the Human Resources Office in DeSales Hall.

tended business school in southern Germany and worked as executive secre­ tary for a real estate invest­ ment firm in Mannheim. Now she works as a faculty secretary in the chemistry. fine arts and environmen­ tal studies departments. She handles budget mate-

after her immigration from West Germany in 1969. She was hired by the late Dr. Henry Martin. the dean at the time, who thought she had a strong accent. but assured her it wouldn't show when she typed. Valois, who also has a good grasp of French, at-

USO Employees Newsletter

Vol. 2, No. 1

August, 1985

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