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Biological Specimens - Blood Pressure

Biological Specimens - Protozoa (Live)


The following protist cultures are selected for their appeal in teaching protistology in schools, colleges and universities. Many species are particularly amenable for use in student projects for studying feeding, reproduction, motility organelles, nuclear apparatus and encystment. All supplied in 30ml cultures, (sufficient for up to 30 students), except the jar of mixed protozoa which offers a great selection of common protozoa suitable for a range of experiments. Amoeba Proteus (30ml) - A very large and vigorous strain which displays protoplasmic streaming (cyclosis), prey encapsulation and phagocytosis. An excellent textbook species for demonstrating pseudopodia and amoebae morphology. Euglina Gracilis (30ml) - Typical green phytoflagellate for illustrating flagellate motility and photoautotrophic nutrition. The distinct eyespot (stigma) stimulates the cells phototactic response towards moderate light intensity. Paramecium Caudatum (30ml) - The ‘slipper animalcule’ named after the resemblance of its pellicle to the shape of a slipper. Probably the most popular textbook species for illustrating ciliate morphology and behavioural traits. Although the organism is highly motile our cultures often contain sufficiently dense populations for continual observation under the microscope. Mixed Protozoa (50ml) - A jar of mixed curricula protozoa, including Amoeba, Paramecium, Euglena, Stentor, Blepharisma, Vorticella and Euplotes, etc. The culture provides a visually exciting introduction to the diversity of the ciliates, flagellates and amoebae. Cat No. Description Price Per 1 BLO-500-100 Amoeba Proteus* 23.57 30ml 2 BLO-500-115 Euglena Gracilis* 20.56 30ml 3 BLO-500-130 Paramecium Caudatum* 20.56 30ml BLO-500-150 Mixed Protozoa* 20.56 50ml 4 BLOOD PRESSURE MONITOR UA651 - BASIC A fully automatic meter with a slim fit comfortable cuff. Irregular HeartBeat (IHB) indicator. The unit features 30 memories with an averaging function and a 2 minute auto switch off for saving battery life. Includes 4 x AA batteries and carry bag. Cat No. Description Price Per HBC-050-120 Blood Pressure Monitor - Basic 45.32 ea. 5 BLOOD PRESSURE MONITOR UA1020 - SUPERIOR Offers easy, one-button operation with functions that will guide the user to accurate measurements. It uses a newly designed SmoothFit cuff, which enables painless, comfortable measurement. Now supplied with FREE child size cuff as well. It has two unique modes: MyPressure mode - provides individualised inflation and shortens the measurement time. The TriCheck™ mode - automatically takes three consecutive readings with one-minute intervals for most accurate results. Additionally there are error indicators for cuff fit, movement and Irregular HeartBeat (IHB). The unit also has a WHO Blood Pressure Classification Indicator and 90 memories. Includes 4 x AA batteries and carry bag. Cat No. Description Price Per HBC-150-100 Blood Pressure Monitor - Superior 79.20 ea. 6 BLOOD PRESSURE MONITOR UB328 - WRIST This compact unit promises blood pressure measurements anywhere, anytime. Easy-to- read 3-line display shows all the values, systolic, diastolic and pulse simultaneously. 30-memory storage helps you to keep track of your blood pressure trend by pressing an individual memory key. Includes 2 x AAA Batteries, carry case and full instructions. Cat No. Description Price Per HBC-250-100 Blood Pressure Monitor - Wrist 37.84 ea.






Amoeba Proteus

Euglena Gracilis






Paramecium Caudatum


*Live Specimen Delivery All live specimens must be sent by next day courie r to ensure they arrive alive. This is included in the price. No despatches will take place on a Friday for a Monday delivery as we cannot be confident they will survive the weekend. Please specify when you would like the specimen(s) to arrive and we will do our best to ensure they arrive in time.



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