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glimpses of sunrises, sunsets, loons and everything in between. AND can you believe it - videos of swimming squirrels thinking the nuts are browner on the other side! We have a special lake community who find ways to continually make friends whether it is volunteering, meeting at that special spot on the lake or connect by joining the Thursday night gatherings with the Ladies of the Lake. Although it is not part of the lake association, it has linked new found friendships from the North, Middle and Lower lakes. We welcome all who are new to the lake. Change has been the theme this year. We changed our annual meeting to the American Legion Hall in Gray which allowed room for all sorts of activities (join us next year the July 13th at 10: am); we are proposing a membership vote to change the start time of the meeting to 9: am; the Pirate parade normally is the third Saturday of July will be the forth, July 27 starting at 2pm; we hired an assistant to help with database input, receipt of donations and grant research; the safety program is always evolving; lake conditions keeps us on constant watch; our new website is about to be launched to address all social media formats; and

there is hint of a rumor we may make a look and feel branding change to ramp up for our 100 year celebration in 2024. Mark your calendars for next year’s events! Each year we provide proactive educational programs to keep those who use the lake informed about safety; impacts of erosion, sand and vegetation clearing on water quality; milfoil remediation; algae blooms, and other initiatives that aspire to reach our mission. Thank you for being great stewards and you are always welcome you to become involved. Our 15 board of directors relentlessly volunteer to ensure the health and safety of our lake. In conclusion, I thank these special people and others who have volunteered their professionalism and compassion. I am very blessed to be part of this team. May your summer memories keep you warm all winter,

Pam Wilkinson, LSLA President

STILL TIME TO SUPPORT LSLA I hope you all enjoyed reading our new and improved newsletter last spring. We put a lot of time and effort into keeping you informed. One of the improvements we made was printing the names of all of you who chose to support us. I hope you were proud when you saw your name in print. We will be printing all donor names again this year. AND there is still time for you to contribute if you haven’t yet. We have recently sent out a reminder notice to all those whom we haven’t heard from yet this year. If you are reading this article, then you are considered a valued member of our association. We count on the support of each and every one of you. Donating to the lake association assures that everything that CAN be done to protect our beautiful lake IS being done. The amount of effort, time and money that it takes has been documented earlier in this newsletter. PLEASE take the time to contribute if you haven’t yet. Most members do support us – we are hoping that more will. Any amount is appreciated. Just think how satisfying it will be to see your name listed next to your neighbors and friends. On behalf of all of us on the board, I thank you very much for your support. Membership Address Updates Please contact Cheryl Alterman via email at calterman@littlesebagolake.com with corrections to addresses.


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