The LSLA Endowment Program

Coming Soon….. The 2018 Endowment Fund Appeal will be mailed to all Little Sebago Lake property owners in early December. This is the second, and final, opportunity in 2018 for you to contribute to the overall financial health and longevity of your property on Little Sebago Lake. What is an Endowment Fund? Simply stated, it is a restricted fund which is invested -and only the interest earned is available to LSLA for program activities. This offers stability and reduces the association’s vulnerability to an economic crisis, or any unforeseen event requiring emergency funds. Why support the LSLA Endowment Fund? Your contribution now will fund the good work of LSLA forever. Little Sebago Lake Association exists for its members and families and strives to provide peace of mind for all invested. You have been the driving component to the continued planning and implementation of the LSLA mission and programs. A healthy Endowment Fund will ensure that the LSLA will continue to protect your investment for you and future generations, to come.

In appreciation, LSLA Board of Directors

Pam Wilkinson, President


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