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WAREHOUSE DISTRIBUTOR Work Truck & Fleet Accessories



DCC Model Complete lineup of strong but light- weight TIG-welded aluminum frames and tough .035 aluminum exteriors are built for heavy-duty jobs. Stainless Steel Drop-T Handles and BOLT Locks with “One Key Technology”

100RCC Model 100RCC is fortified with structural reinforcement to handle tough jobs while looking epic. Whether you use it for odd jobs or depend on it for your living, its rugged construction won’t let you down. LEER Fiberglass Construction with Commercial Cap Structural Reinforcement

DCC-MT3 Model The DCC-MT3 offers optional modular toolboxes with adjustable shelf, divider and attachment features to fit every need. Wider, taller side access doors - up to 29% more entry space. LEER’s first all-aluminum truck cover with modular tool box capability

Hornet • Fully encapsulated electronics • Memory function to recall the last pattern used • Approximately 6.5 feet of cable • No external drivers required • Professional, custom design for each tment • TIR LED technology with 22 LED modules

LED Beacons High Profile range from 6.31” to 7.63” in height Medium Profile range from 5.25” to 5.31” in height Low Profile range from 3.63” to 5.25” in height

• 30 different Amber Strobe Patterns • Over 50,000 hrs life expectancy • Weather-Proof IP67 • 360° coverage

#PU950116 - 16” Hornet

Mini Bars Available in compact, low profile, high profile and dual colors

Traffic Arrows Available in various sizes

#PU950124 - 24” Hornet

Bednet The Bednet ® Cargo Restraint System allows your crew to quickly and safely secure most loads in pickups, utility body vehicles, vans and trailers

Safety Whips • Ultra Durable • Work-site tested • 16” x 16” • Orange with Reflective X in Yellow • HD springs also available

#BN-0101 - Large (Full-Size Long Bed) #BN-0102 - Medium (Full-Size Short Bed) #BN-0103 - Small (Compact) #BN-0108 - Jumbo #BN-0272 Utility Net (6’x7’) #BN-0275 Net (7’x14’) #BN-0304 Interior Restraint with Mesh #BN-0402 Compact Utility

#SWABM - Safety Whips Angle Mount Plated 2.5” x 2.5” #SW519.30BNP - Safety Whips HD Spring Non Whips Plated #SW519.309NP - Safety Whips HD Steel Spring Non Power #SWFDM - Safety Whips Fold Mount #SW10QD-X - SW Buggy Whip 10’ w/Quick Connect

Original Headache Rack

Safety Rack

Open Rack

Louvered Rack

Half Louvered Rack

Half Safety Rack

Three Light Rack

Side Rails

Wranger Series Original and Solid Heavy-Duty Seat Covers Authentic saddle blanket custom fit heavy duty truck seat covers. Advanced design creates a dynamic state-of-the- art custom interior. Wrangler™ custom seat covers are engineered from original saddle blanket material. • Warm in winter, cool in summer • Wear-resistant fabrics • Passes FMVSS302 • Hand wash, drip-dry

X-Act Contour Floor Liners Made from a soft & durable rubber material that’s both flexible and incredibly strong yet smooth and soft to the touch. The center is lined with grooves that trap and channel moisture away from your shoes, and its backside has molded-in cleats to keep your liner from shifting

WeatherBeater Floor Liners Perfectly conform to the contours of your vehicle and offer un-beatable carpet protection. WeatherBeater™ Floor Liners offer superior carpet protection against mud, spills & mess with a fresh appealing design complimenting today’s current model cars, trucks & SUV’s interior styling

Seat Protector Series Heavy-Duty Seat Covers Commercial grade polyester fabric custom fit heavy duty truck seat covers. Advanced design creates a dynamic state-of-the-art

OE Series Heavy-Duty Seat Covers Original equipment standard tweed custom fit heavy duty truck seat covers. Advanced design creates a dynamic state-of-the-art custom interior. Engineered to meet or exceed vehicle manufacturer standards

custom interior. Water-resistant polyester laminated to water-proof vinyl (PVC) backing

• 12 inch x 22 inch mud flaps • Sold in pairs • Includes hardware • Universal fit Part No. RFX01843B01 RFX Mud Flaps 12x22 Rectangular

• 12 inch x 22 inch mud flaps • Sold in pairs • Universal fit • Includes hardware Part No. RFX01844B01 RFX Mud Flaps 12x22 Rectangular with Stainless Plate

• 12 inch x 22 inch mud flaps • Sold in pairs • Includes hardware • Universal fit Part No. RFX01845B01 RFX Mud Flaps 12x22 Moon Cut

• 12 inch x 22 inch mud flaps • Sold in pairs • Universal fit • Includes hardware Part No. RFX01846B01 RFX Mud Flaps 12x22 Moon Cut with Stainless Plate

RML Wood Pac Rats • Sitting low and in between the wheel wells, this box is perfect for contractors, surveyors, tradesmen, the oil/gas industry and forestry

• Available in a variety of configurations including the RML pioneered “SLANT” • RML slant is designed for users who

need to load and unload ATVs, Snowmobiles, carts, or dollies • All drawers include dividers and are notched in several

places for maximum space usage. They have puck-board

RML Under Rail Wood Liners • Ideal for utilizing any sort of box cover • Liners install under the rails, allowing for easy install • Factory tie downs are exposed for use RML Flush Mount Wood Liners

sliders on top & bottom for easy sliding

• Come up flush to the truck box rail • Cleaner install with headache racks & rails, no binding on the bolts

RML Cross-Over Wood Tool Boxes • Chests are designed to sit against the cab end of the truck box, but can be placed wherever it’s needed • The cross-over boxes (available in both full lid and gull wing) are designed to sit on the rails of the truck allowing for full use of the truck bed • All RML boxes have reinforced lids to provide extra durability and strength

CONTACT US British Columbia • Alberta

CLTW WAREHOUSE ADDRESS Unit # 9 - 19257 Enterprise Way Surrey, BC V3S-6J8

RBL WAREHOUSE ADDRESS 12029 75 Street NW Edmonton, AB T5B-0X3

Local: 604-534-2569 Toll Free: 1-888-377-7623 Fax: 604-534-5363

Order Desk Hours Mon - Fri: 8:30 am - 5:00 pm Saturday: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Local: 780-471-6266 Toll Free: 1-800-272-9671 Fax: 780-479-3163

Order Desk Hours Mon - Fri: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Saturday: Closed

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