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Ciaran O’Neill

THE BEST COLOURS FOR A KID’S BEDROOM Ask any kid what colour they want their room painted and they’ll likely have an exuberant answer. Pink! Orange! Rainbow! And while there’s something to be said about a child’s room reflecting the things they love, you may be curious to learn how different colours can impact their mood. While red is an engaging, fun colour, some studies have shown that too much red in a room is a distraction. Try it as an accent with a few fun pillows or tone it down to a softer pink. Another colour that can invoke strong emotions if used too excessively is yellow. However, as an accent or in a more subdued hue, yellow brings on feelings of happiness. For colours that calm, think blue and green. Blue has been shown to decrease blood pressure and green is known to curb anxiety. Of course, you know your child best. So pick the colour for their room based on that knowledge – and have fun with it!

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