New-Tech Europe | April 2018

Internet of Things

ARIS (Arrow Renesas IoT Solution) board family

ARIS & ARIS GATEWAY A ready-to-use IoT hardware and software platform that enables You to get your IoT applications up and running quickly.


Wi-Fi module

ARIS EDGE A low-power development board built around Renesas’ low-power Synergy S1 MCU, populated with sensors and a multi-protocol module. These features make this board a perfact tool to develop your IoT end devices.

BLE module (ARIS) Multi-protocol module (ARIS GATEWAY)

Multi-protocol module

Renesas Synergy S7 MCU


Renesas Synergy S1MCU

ARIS EDGE S3 And now introducing the new ARIS EDGE S3! A variation on ARIS EDGE with a more powerful MCU. With the coming ARIS LCD shield the ARIS EDGE S3 is an ideal choice for IoT applications where a display is needed but You still want a low-power operation. Formore information,

Renesas Synergy S3 MCU

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