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The Smoke Pro® Total Tech® is the essential tool for finding EVAP system leaks and many others including:

• Door and window seals • Turbos and intercoolers • Oil leaks • Cracked or broken plastic components • Head and tail lamp housings • Cracked manifolds And many more!

• EGR Valves • Gaskets, fittings and hoses • MAP/MAF sensors • Worn throttle shafts • Brake boosters • Catalytic converters • Central locking systems • Diaphragms and seats


Have you ever thought of offering your customers a diagnostic health check when they bring their vehicle to you for service or repair? Your diagnostics equipment device is a specialist tool for extracting encrypted vehicle information that requires decoding in order for it to be understood. For a small fee, you can interrogate a vehicle’s general state of health before commencing working on it. Even if you don’t need diagnostics for the work you plan to do, it’s quite a shrewd move when you consider the benefits. Doing a health check before you start a job protects your customer and your workshop. First, it minimises the potential for unnecessary and unwelcome comebacks – a log of the vehicle’s overall condition prior to starting work is a great safeguard against customers returning with a new, unrelated problem but claiming “It must be something you did”. It can help generate additional work; pointing out issues before they become problems can lead to additional work being included while you have a car on the ramp. Whether or not you undertake any further chargeable work, a couple of diagnostic health checks every day is enough to cover the cost of most diagnostic devices within their warranty period. Isn’t this reason enough to equip each tech with their own diagnostic service tool and make sure the first thing they do each time is to “run a report”?

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