Greater Portland Visitor's Guide

SENTINELS THROUGH THE CENTURIES Fun Facts about the Lighthouses of Casco Bay

These lighthouses are all within 20minutes of downtown; see for a driving tour of all six. CAPE ELIZABETH* | 1828 / 1874 Subject of Edward Hopper paintings in the 1920s.

CAPE ELIZABETH WEST* | 1828 / 1874 Purchased at auction by actor Gary Merrill (Bette Davis’ ex-husband) for $28K .

PORTLAND BREAKWATER (BUG LIGHT) | 1855 / 1875 Modeled after the Choragic Monument of Lysicrates (335 BC) near Athens, Greece. PORTLAND HEAD | 1791 The shipwreck of the Annie C. Maquire on Christmas Eve 1886 is thought to have been an intentional tax dodge. RAM ISLAND LEDGE | 1905 Construction could only take place at low tide. SPRING POINT LEDGE | 1897 The stone breakwater (added in 1951) makes it the only caisson-style lighthouse to which people can walk.

*Both lighthouses together are known as “Two Lights”



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