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8 DATES OF OUR LIVES Landmark events inMaine’s 200 years 15 10 WAYS TO ENJOY 3 DAYS Three days of itineraries to guide your visit 21 SENTINELS THROUGH THE CENTURIES Casco Bay lighthouse fun facts

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Take in the region’s outdoor art


Activities under $10, or even free!


Enjoy Greater Portland’s parks + preserves


See how the quiet season sparkles

50 OLD NEIGHBORHOODS, NEW LIFE Spots the locals love—you will too!


Camping gets a makeover



There’s more of Maine to explore...






OUTDOOR SPACED SEATING In the heart of Portland’s historic waterfront district Voted Portland’s Best Seafood & Lobster Roll Wine - Local Beers - Live Music Open Everyday - Eat In or Take Out In the “Old Port” at Long Wharf 180 Commercial Street, Portland, Maine 207-775-2112 The Portland Phoenix Join Us On The Dock & Get Crackin’

The perfect lunch/dinner spot on the water.

Inspiration & Innovation

TOURS, POURS, AND SO MUCH MORE. Stop by the Allagash tasting room to see why people on Yelp and Tripadvisor rate us as one of the best places to visit in Maine.

Portland, Maine

A supportive innovation and start-up community on the coast of Maine, combining an urban experience with the friendliness and intimacy of a small city. Our extraordinary environment is inspirational for living and working. Join us and nurture your life and your business.

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T his year, travel is more appreciated and anticipated than ever before and it’s helped us realize that it’s an essential element of human happiness. Travel allows us to step back and take a deep breath from our daily stresses, and to explore other cultures, eat local food, see new sites, and truly experience the way people live their day-to-day lives in different parts of the world. And while there’s so much about the world available online, nothing compares to experiencing a place for yourself. Creating lifetime memories together offers families and loved ones new levels of appreciation that last a lifetime. We encourage you to experience what makes our region so unlike other destinations, and makes each person’s visit uniquelyMaine. We look forward to helping you bring your family together—through travel!

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CALENDAR OF EVENTS At press time, scheduling of performances, events, fairs, and festivals are undetermined due to COVID-19. Please refer to our online Calendar of Events at for up-to-date information. Also check the web- sites of the individual arts organizations as listed in this guide and online [p. 18-20, 66-69]. GREATER PORTLAND REGION The bulk of this guide provides info on the towns between Scarborough and Freeport, and west to Gorham andWestbrook. [map p. 76]. Fantastic excursions in other Maine regions are highlighted as well. [p. 66-70] MAP LOCATIONS Each business listing contains map references that indicate its position on one of the maps. Map 1 - Maine State [p. 75] Map 2 - Greater Portland Region [p. 76] Map 3 - Downtown Portland [p. 78]

PORTLAND INTERNATIONAL JETPORT 1001 Westbrook St, Portland 207-756-8312 TOMMY’S PARK (July–September) Corner Exchange & Middle Sts, Portland PORTLAND TRANSPORTATION CENTER*

OCEAN GATEWAY 14 Ocean Gateway Pier, Portland

207-772-5800 November-April:

10:00 am—3:00 pm Mon-Sat May: 9:00 am—4:00 pm Mon-Fri 10:00 am—3:00 pm Sat June-October: 9:00 am—5:00 pm Mon-Fri 9:00 am—4:00 pm Sat & Sun

100 Thompson Point Rd, Portland Dates + times subject to change

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Useful information for your visit to Greater Portland. IN THE KNOW. . .

POPULATION Portland: 66,300

Maine’s largest and most diverse city, with over 60 languages spoken. Greater Portland: population of 270,000 (one-fifth of Maine’s total population). CLIMATE Greater Portland's coastal climate provides milder temperatures in winter and summer than inland regions. Spring: Average 45° - 60° F. Summer: Average temp is 68° - 82° F but can reach into the 90s F. Autumn: Average 60°- 70° F but can get cooler—be sure to pack a fleece. Winter: Average 20°- 30° F but can get below 0° and into the 50s. SNOW Total average snowfall ranges between 60-90 inches per year, with only 18 days a winter when snowfall is more than 1 inch. WHAT YOU SHOULD PACK Summer: Lightweight clothes, your favorite bathing suit for the sunny beach days, and a sweater for cooler evenings and refreshing ocean breezes. Spring + Autumn: Rain jackets and sweaters/ fleeces are advisable. Winter: Boots (especially L.L. Bean!), flannel shirts, ski + snowboardwinter jackets are always in style. While dress is often casual throughout the region, cocktail dresses and top coats are not uncommon for a night on the town.

COVID-19 The global COVID-19 pandemic began impactingMaine’s hospitality sectors as Visit Portland’s Visitor’s Guide was in the process of publication. With information rapidly evolving, please confirm local and state rules and regulations before traveling, and making reservations. Greater Portland has two of New England’s top hospitals downtown, Maine Medical Center and Northern Light Mercy Hospital. Urgent care walk-in centers, as well as national and local pharmacies, are conveniently available throughout the region. Visit Portland has a dedicated COVID-19 page, with information as it becomes available at:

SMOKING TOBACCO: In Maine, public settings indoor and outdoor are smoke-free, including parks, playgrounds, athletic fields, trails, beaches, and open spaces. While 18 is the legal smoking age, patrons in many towns, including Portland, must be 21 to purchase tobacco products. Throwing tobacco litter on the ground is prohibited and results in a $100 fine. [] MARIJUANA: In 2017, recreational use of marijuana became legal, however, smokers have to be at least 21 years old, and it is prohibited to smoke in public. NOTE: As of publication, state-issued conditional licenses for marijuana establishments/stores to cultivate, manufacture, sell, or buy recreational marijuana are pending. PETS For pet friendly accommodations, refer to STAY grids. [p. 55, 57, 59, 61, 65] DIETARY NEEDS The DINE grids [p. 35-39] identify restaurants that accommodate dietary preferences, including vegetarian and gluten-free meals as well as those with children’s menus.

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ALCOHOL Persons must be 21 years old to buy or consume alcoholic beverages. Hours of legal service are 6am-1am. Photo ID required. OUI laws are strictly enforced.

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DATES OF OUR LIVES 18 landmark events throughout Greater Portland leading toMaine’s Bicentennial in 2020.


On March 15, 1820, Maine became the nation’s 23rd state. A territory of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts since colonial times, Maine broke away as part of The Missouri Compromise. Maine’s entering the Union as an abolitionist state allowed Missouri to also gain statehood to preserve a balance of power in Congress to forestall the Civil War. The Maine State Constitution is believed to have been created and ratified in the First Parish Church, the largest meeting hall in the state at the time.


THEMAINE LAW+ UNDERGROUND RAILROAD 1855 Almost 70 years before it went national, Portland Mayor Neal Dow wrote the first Prohibition law in the country. Widely

Many people recognize Portland Head Light, com- missioned by GeorgeWashington and built in 1791, but five additional lighthouses were built after state- hood to safely guide ships through busy Casco Bay . For one of the leading seaports, these lights

known as “The Maine Law,” the ban on liquor was largely

lining the rocky coast were needed navigational aids from the ship- building era to the Age of Sail, the Civil War, steamship travel, and Naval Operations duringWWII. While less needed today, they still provide a valuable service for the fishing industry, massive cruise ships, and recreational boaters. They are also beloved landmarks for pharologists worldwide. (More on p. 21)

driven by what Dow saw as the leading cause of societal ills. But more concerning for Dow was the seaport’s production of rum in the slave trade. The Neal

Dow House was part of the Underground Rail- road, commemorated by Portland Freedom Trail markers through downtown.

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Although Greater Portland’s numerous harbor islands were dubbed the Calendar Islands, after an early explorer described their number as being “as many as there are days of the year,” ferry service wasn’t established between the city and the more populated off-shore communities until 50 years after statehood. Regular scheduled service began in 1878 with the popularity of leisure travel among the wealthy during the Gilded Age. Up to 1,000 summer visitors at a time were transported to cottages and luxurious hotels on the islands of Casco Bay. Competing ferry lines merged in 1909 and, following the economic hardships after WWI, formed Casco Bay Lines in the winter of 1919-1920. The distinctive black, yellow, white, and red boats leave from Maine State Pier servicing seven islands with year-round residents, along with several others during the summer season, and running their daily Mail Boat—the oldest continually operating postal service of its kind in the U.S. (More on p. 71)

END OF AN ERA 1860-1865


In 1860, Victoria Mansion was built as a summer escape from the Louisiana heat (and Yellow Fever) by Ruggles Sylvester Morse, a prominent Mainer whose fortune was made as a luxury hotelier in New Orleans. This Brownstone “cottage” boats seven hand-carved marble fireplaces, a flying staircase, and furniture created specifically for each room. At its completion, the Civil War broke out, and Ruggles and his wife were not able to come north to enjoy their new home for years. The Victoria Society was formed to save the house from being demolished in order to build a gas station. Beautifully restored, the home and its contents are over 90% original. (More on p. 25)

Independence Day celebrations marking the end of the Civil War were memorable, but not in the way expected. When fireworks on a downtown wharf set woodchips ablaze, the resulting inferno destroyed 75% of the city. The prosperous global seaport quickly rebuilt with cast iron and red brick. Corner- stones on many Old Port buildings show the original date of the business before the fire, followed by the year of its rebuilding. After the Great Fire, as the latest blaze to incinerate the city became known, Portland adopted the Phoenix —the mythical bird that goes up in flames only to rise more beautiful and stronger than before—as its symbol.






Leon Leonwood Bean did not set out to establish an iconic outdoor-retail empire in Freeport, Maine when he created the legendary Bean boot. But with his commitment to quality and ability to build a loyal customer base, that’s exactly what happened. Freeport is still home to L.L.Bean ’s world headquarters, but the modest shop has grown into an expansive 220,000-sq.-ft. flagship campus, normally open 24-hours a day, every day of the year. In addition to entertainment, seasonal events, holiday festivities, and educational programs hosted by L.L.Bean, the coastal town’s luxurious Harraseeket Inn and surrounding natural outdoor beauty and farmland all contribute to Freeport’s popularity. (More on p. 44, 46 )

Professional sports teams in Maine began way before the current Portland Sea Dogs (1994, AA minor-league affiliate of the Boston Red Sox ). Hometown teams took the field as early as 1907 with the Portland Blue Sox (Chicago White Sox). Thus began over a century-long tradition of farm teams in a variety of professional sports. In baseball, the Portland Duffs (1918) followed the Sox. The Portland Gulls (1946, Philadelphia Phillies) later became the Portland Pilots (1947). The Maine Mariners (1977) hockey team preceded the Portland Skipjacks/ Pirates (1982), and returned to the ice in 2017 as a NY Rangers farm team. And since 2009, the Maine Red Claws have dominated G-League basketball for the Boston Celtics . (More on p. 30)

The PortlandMuseum of Art and Maine College of Art (MECA) are the largest and oldest art institutions inMaine, both founded in 1882. The PMA collection contains over 22,000 masterworks and sculptures, and attracts 140,000 patrons annually. MECA is also home to the evolving Institute of Contemporary Art . An Arts District was designated along Congress St. in the 1980s, and First Friday Art Walks take place there monthly. In 2006, Portland established Creative Portland to embrace and foster its creative economy, entice Arts professionals and promote artistic and musical shows. (More on pages 25, 27)


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HOLLYWOODLAND 1917 Born in Portland in 1894, John “Bull” Feeney’s true success came after he changed his name to John Ford and began directing movies. Universal Studios gave Ford the opportunity to direct his first feature film, Straight Shooting , in 1917. The rest is Hollywood history. Considered one of the most influential filmmakers of his generation, Ford directed more than 140 films in his career spanning over 50 years. A statue of Ford oversees his city from a director’s chair, near the location of his father’s speakeasy where he worked in his youth—at the intersection of Danforth, Pleasant, Fore, and Union streets. Bull Feeney’s Irish pub, named in his honor, is down Fore Street in the heart of the Old Port, not far from the memorial. But Ford was only the first of many Portlanders

who found success in Tinseltown, including Anna Kendrick , Liv Tyler , and Judd Nelson .

STATE OF THE STATE 1929 Opulent and state-of-the-art in 1929, The State Theatre catered to movies, performances, plays, and concerts. In the 1970s when other theatres were torn down, showing pornographic films ultimately saved this elegant hall from the wrecking ball. The State was restored and reopened in 2010 by a NYC concert promoter. The historic 1,820-seat venue has renewed life as one of the most decorative performance spaces in northern New England. (More on p. 20)


Bradbury Mountain became the region’s original state park in 1939. Rising to an elevation of 407 ft., the peak is surrounded by 800 acres of forested land and offers a perch for migratory birds. And with Freeport’s L.L.Bean close by, outdoor supplies are convenient for people staying at the campground at Bradbury’s base. Six additional state parks are now located in Greater Portland, offering easy access to unspoiled nature throughout the region to enjoy forests, beaches, island trails, and open fields. (More on p. 28)



WORKING WATERFRONT 1992 As the largest tonnage seaport along the east coast of the United States, the Port of Portland is reliant on its commercial working waterfront, with industries from lobstering to international shipping. After a 1980s building boom saw valu- able wharf properties developed for office and residential use, it became clear that regulations were required to preserve the sea-faring culture so intrinsic to the port. Concerned stakeholders related to all aspects of the harbor created the Water- front Alliance Report , which prioritized water-dependent, marine-related, and any compatible non-marine uses. Resulting policies ensured adequate marine use for the wharves, necessary to maintain a thriving seaport. Beyond that, it also addressed environmental, economic, and ecological threats to the waterfront’s future vitality. So enjoy deep sea fishing, island hop- ping, or pulling lobster traps yourself. If you prefer staying on land, tour the Working Waterfront and watch a holiday boat Parade of Lights .

SOMETHING’S BREWING 1983 The irony was thick when Geary Brewing incorporated as New England’s first craft brewery in the post prohibition era—in Neal Dow’s home town! Geary’s innovation inspired one of the largest craft beer revivals in the country. GrittyMcDuff’s brew pub opened in the Old Port in 1988. Shipyard Brewery was next in 1994. Allagash Brewing followed in 1995 with its Belgian-style beers. Sebago Brewing opened their brew pubs in 1998, and a cavalcade of over 25 Greater Portland breweries and distilleries—and over 100 state- wide—have sprouted up in

LANDMARK STATUS 1964 Historical preservation was given little consideration until Portland’s Union Station was torn down to develop a shopping center. The train station, built in 1888, had a 188-foot clock tower, and the loss of this granite gateway to the city was felt immediately. Preservationists, determined not to endure the loss of another Portland Landmarks . The non- profit organization has protected many metro-area structures that otherwise would have been lost to redevelopment, including the Portland Observatory , built in 1809, which was one of the only structures on Munjoy Hill to survive the Great Fire of 1866. (More on p. 25) such historically significant building, formed Greater

recent years. It was the biggest surge of (legal) breweries and distilleries in the state since The Maine Law was passed in 1855. (More on p. 33-34)


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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME 2020 Maine’s Bicentennial will be a year that will not be soon forgotten. The 200-year-old state began the year strong, with Maine’s first female governor, Janet T. Mills , taking the helm, which also fell on the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage, granting women the right to vote. By the state’s official March 15th birthday, Greater Portland, along with most of the world, was in levels of quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet, Mainers came together in other ways: assisting neighbors, supporting local businesses and restaurants, and once again warmly welcoming visitors. And like the city’s symbol of the Phoenix , Portland will once again rise from destruction stronger and more beautiful— because while our history is significant, we all know it’s our future that’s most important.

DOESN’T LOOK ITS AGE 2018 Although the State of Maine just reached its 200th milestone, Greater Portland marked its Tricentennial in 2018. 300 years earlier, on November 12, 1718, “Falmouth on Casco (which included pres- ent-day Portland, South Portland, West- brook, Cape Elizabeth and Falmouth ) in the District of Maine,’ was formally incorporated as part of Massachusetts. The area, previously known as Casco (Aucocisco by the native people) was claimed by the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1658, and renamed in honor of the English Battle of Falmouth. The Portland peninsula separated from Falmouth after the American Revolution in 1786, as did other towns when populations grew and parishes were formed. The native people called the Portland peninsula Machigonne, or “Great Neck.”


When Chef Sam Hayward traded in his bass guitar for kitchen knives and opened Fore Street restaurant in 1996, the former musician didn’t set out to capture a coveted James Beard Award . His 2004 recognition as the “ Best Chef in the Northeast” not only put Fore Street on In 2009, Bon Appétit named Portland the “Foodiest Small Town in America ,” and crowned it the “Restaurant City of the Year” less than a decade later. the map, but jump-started Greater Portland’s thriving culinary scene.

Capturing several more James Beard Awards over the past 16 years, Greater Portland continues to be one of the world’s leading culinary destinations. (More on p. 31-39) PHOTOS, FROM LEFT: COURTESY CHEBEAGUE ISLAND INN/ DOUG MERRIAM; COREY TEMPLETON (2)



EVEN WHEN YOU ARE AWAY FROM HOME, THE CARE YOU NEED IS NEVER FAR AWAY. With five area walk-in care locations, Northern Light Mercy Hospital makes quality care easy to find in the greater Portland region. To learn more, visit: MercyWalkInCare

Portland | Yarmouth | Gorham | Windham | Westbrook

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3 hours or 3 days (or more), make the most of your stay in Greater Portland. TEN WAYS TO ENJOY THREE DAYS


Lighthouses, Lobsters, & L.L. Bean... WELCOME TOGREATER PORTLAND! Perched on Casco Bay, Greater Portland offers up everything you’d expect from the Maine coast— plus a whole lot more! The region’s vibrant culture, exceptional shopping, gourmet cuisine, and outdoor recreation are only matched by its breathtaking natural surroundings. Plentiful parks and nature preserves are quick connections to tranquility and beauty within the state’s largest urban center.

When on the go, lobster rolls—a toasted hot dog bun heaping with lobster meat, a dollop of mayonnaise or drawn butter, and a dash of paprika—are the fastest way to enjoy Maine’s most sought-after food. But taking the time to crack into a fresh crustacean is half the fun. [p. 35-39] 2 TAKE A TOUR Walk, ride, or paddle to experience the flavor of Greater Portland. Area tours cater to most any interest—beer, history, art, architecture, food. Masks and other required regulations should be expected. [p. 20-25] 3 SEE A LIGHTHOUSE There are six to choose from in Portland Harbor. Cape Elizabeth’s Portland Head Light is the region’s most recognized icon. This famous 1787 beacon has the distinction of being one of the most photographed lighthouses in the world. [p. 21]

PHOTOS, FROM TOP: JON OLIVER OF BEST KIND PHOTOGRAPHY; ROBERT AUGHENBAUGH From non-stop action to total chill out, we’ll keep you as busy as you want to be! Here are some of the top activities our visitors rave about. Let us know yours.




Greater Portland is the first major U.S. metro area to greet the new day. Start yours by watching the mesmerizing sunrise over the ocean from your hotel roomwindow, a waterfront perch, an area lighthouse, or the deck of a Casco Bay harbor ferry. Then hit the beach! Greater Portland’s historical sites offer a fascinating look at culture and arts of yore. Visit a museum home for a glimpse into life in another age; hear about the famous and infamous buried in Eastern Cemetery; see where HenryWadsworth Longfellow penned his most famous poems, and walk whereWinslowHomer found his artistic inspiration. [p. 25] With many James Beard-recognized chefs, restaurants, bakeries, and breweries to taste, it’s little surprise Bon Appétit selected Portland Restaurant City of the Year. Whether you dine-in or take-out, a day that includes savory potato donuts, flavorful fresh seafood, an innovative brew, whoopie pies, or a lavish meal will make taste buds sing. [p. 31-39] Portland—known as The Forest City—is in a state known as Vacationland, so exhale and enjoy the evening! There are oppor- tunities to socially distance while hearing live music. Enjoy nightcaps with outdoor seating at area pubs, cafés, and restaurants. Or just soak in a sunset.




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DAY THREE 8 BRUNCH IT UP Rising early or sleeping in, continue the culinary exploration with farm-fresh food to start your day—and if it includes lobster, all the better! Pair award-winning coffee, spicy Bloody Marys, or craft brews with innovative, locally-sourced cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere (and maybe even an ocean view). [p. 31-39] 9 SOCIAL DISTANCE IN STYLE Choose a path, and make sure its less traveled! Island-hop to one of Casco Bay’s harbor islands to bike, hike, swim, or discover hidden coves and forgotten forts. Meander along 70+ miles of Portland Trails, through leafy woods, historic cemeteries, rocky shores, peaceful salt marshes, and quiet city streets. Secret beaches and tiny islands can be reached by kayak or private boat. Sometimes the least expected things to do are the most rewarding, such as tapping into a creative interest at cool art galleries on a hot summer day, snow shoeing on golf courses in the winter, tubing down a lazy river, climbing a mountain when everyone else is swimming at the shore, or hiking to a waterfall in the center of Maine’s largest city. FORGET ‘ME’ NOTS A keepsake from a treasured trip evokes smiles long into the future! Sometimes it’s a practical bag made from authentic sails; perhaps a unique craft beer; a funny tee shirt; a favorite team’s cap; or even local designer jewelry, food, or works of art. We hope a trip to Greater Portland is able to brighten your 2020, and fond memories will bring you back to Maine soon. [p. 42-46].




I UNIQUE SITES, NATURE + WILDLIFE FRIENDS OF THE EASTERN PROMENADE Eastern Promenade, Portland Atop Munjoy Hill, the Eastern Prom and Fort Allen Park comprise a 68-acre grassy reserve sloping down to the peaceful waters of Casco Bay. Map 3, G12 MAINE AUDUBON 20 Gilsland Farm Rd, Falmouth 207-781-2330 Three sanctuaries in Greater Portland offer peaceful spots to immerse yourself in nature and explore wildlife in their native habitats. Map 2, F9, G4, E15 TO DO UNIQUE SITES, NATURE + WILDLIFE............18 ARTS + ENTERTAINMENT .................................18 CRUISES + TOURS................................................20 HISTORIC SITES + MUSEUMS ..........................25 PAMPERING & RELAXATION ......................... 30 SPORTS + RECREATION..................................... 30 SPECTATOR SPORTS.......................................... 30 An original art party. We provide the right tools, materials, and instruction so you can step right into the art making process and express yourself. Map 3, H2 BACH VIRTUOSI FESTIVAL Portland, throughout the city 917-523-9507 Experience an outstanding classical music festi- val August 16-23 with world-renowned musicians that the Boston Globe calls a “can’t miss classi- cal event”. Please see website for cancellations due to COVID-19. THE ESCAPE ROOM 492 Congress St, Portland 207-619-3775 In 60 minutes or less, work as a team to escape the locked room by cracking codes and solving puzzles. Can you escape in time? Map 3, D7 KOTZSCHMAR ORGAN Merrill Auditorium: 20 Myrtle St, Portland 207-553-4363 Portland’s own symphonic pipe organ, Merrill Auditorium. Presents a wide variety of classical, pops, silent film, family and holiday concerts. Map 3, E9 I ARTS + ENTERTAINMENT ART NIGHT OUT 352 Cottage Rd, South Portland 207-799-5154

THANK YOU Healthcare & Frontline Workers


Keeping Maine Safe Keeping Maine Strong

Experience weightless relaxation in one of our four float tanks. Floating leaves your body and your mind feeling peaceful and refreshed. BOOK APPOINTMENTS ONLINE OR BY PHONE.

FIND OUT MORE! 207.400.5187 500 Washington Ave. Portland

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MAINE OUTDOOR FILM FESTIVAL 123 Free St, Suite 200, Portland Performances at multiple venues

A once in a lifetime experience.


207-619-3622 International film festival on the arts, outdoor recreation, and conservation held annually in Portland. July 30 - August 2, 2020. Check website for COVID-19 developments. MAINE SAVINGS PAVILION AT ROCK ROW 59 Westbrook Arterial, Westbrook 207-358-9327 Visit us online for listings including the Concert Series at Darling’s Waterfront Pavilion in Bangor & other venues in Greater Portland. Please see website for cancellations due to COVID-19. Map 3, A7 MAINE STATE BALLET 348 US Route 1, Falmouth 207-781-7672 Auditorium. Map 2, E10 ONE LONGFELLOW SQUARE 181 State St, Suite 201, Portland 207-761-1757 A welcoming, intimate, and versatile music ven- ue, setting the stage for unforgettable live music, performing arts and community events. Map 3, D5 OPERA MAINE Produce creative, inspiring, and professional op- era performances of artistic excellence. Richard Wagner’s The Flying Dutchman, postponed un- til July 2021. See events calendar for other show dates. Map 3, E9 PORT CITY MUSIC HALL 504 Congress St, Portland 207-956-6000 Presents the nation’s best touring bands in an intimate, small-club atmosphere. See Event Cal- endar for performers, dates and show times. See events calendar for other show dates. Map 3, D7 PORTLAND BALLET Studio: 517 Forest Ave, Suite #2, Portland 207-772-9671 Maine’s professional ballet company. It is Portland Ballet’s mission to enrich our community through dance performance and dance education. Map 3, C9 PORTLAND OVATIONS 50 Monument Sq, Portland 207-773-3150 Portland’s Nonprofit Home for the Performing Arts: Broadway National Tours; acclaimed artists in classical, global, jazz music; dance and theater. Map 3, E7 Family-friendly shows produced by Maine’s leading professional ballet company; performed in our intimate Falmouth theater or at Merrill 225 Commercial St, Portland 207-879-7678

Sailing four times daily.

two-hour sails private charters overnights 207-766-2500

located at the Maine State Pier adjacent to Casco Bay Lines ferry terminal

or explore the islands on Portland’s iconic ferry! ComeCruiseCascoBay · (207) 774-7871 Visit our website, call or stop by the terminal to learn more about the many affordable options to get out on the water.

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FOGG’S WATER TAXI & CHARTERS 72 Commercial St, Portland 207-415-8493

PORTLAND STAGE 25A Forest Ave, Portland 207-774-0465

Explore Casco Bay on a private charter from our custom built fleet of Foggcrafts. Each boat can accommodate up to six passengers. Map 3, G9

Professional mainstage productions, festivals and readings dedicated to new work in theater, and classes and camps for kids. Map 3, D6 PORTLAND SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Merrill Auditorium: 20 Myrtle St, Portland 207-842-0800 Founded in 1923, the Portland Symphony Or- chestra (PSO) is widely regarded as one of the top symphony orchestras of its size in the country. Map 3, E9 STATE THEATRE 609 Congress St, Portland 207-956-6000 Presents the finest in national talent from hot buzz to musical icons. Visit us online for a full calendar of upcoming shows and concerts. Map 3, D5 THOMPSON’S POINT 10 Thompson’s Point Rd, Portland 207-747-5288 Close proximity to downtown Portland, we are where the action is with ongoing events, outdoor concerts, skating rink, arts & entertainment. Please see website for cancellations due to COVID-19. Map 3, C5 I CRUISES + TOURS BEATEN PATH TOURS Tours start at Lobsterman Statue in front of the Nickelodeon Theater at 1 Temple St, Portland 207-749-1105 Come with us to visit Portland’s important his- torical sites as we discuss the city and events of yesterday and today. Map 3, E8 CALENDAR ISLANDS SAILING CO. 58 Fore St, Fore Points Marina, Portland 207-318-3025 Private charters and daily public sailing ex- cursions on beautiful Casco Bay. From 2-hour coastal sightseeing to multi-day island hopping 207-205-5796 Private cruises aboard vintage vessels for cou- ples, families, or groups up to 37. Lighthouses, sightseeing, wildlife, dining & more. Map 3, F3 CASCO BAY LINES 56 Commercial St, Portland 207-774-7871 Year-round scenic cruises and boat tours, private charters, and island commuter service. Seasonal group lobster bakes and service to Bailey Island. Map 3, G9 See ad pg. 19 adventures. Map 3, G11 See ad pg. 28 CASCO BAY CUSTOM CHARTERS Berth: South Port Marine 14 Ocean St, South Portland


FORT GORGES TOURS Casco Bay, Portland 207-370-1181

Private Charters Available Landmarks, Lighthouses, History, Restaurants & More! Book Early! - We Sell Out! i il l Portland’s BEST Narrated History Tour Aboard a Vintage Fire Truck

Transportation (at high tide only) and tour of historic military fort, now an island park, Harbor tours for up to 10 people available at other times. Map 3, J14 See ad pg. 24 GO SAILING 215 Foreside Rd, Falmouth 207-615-6917 Located at Handy Boat in Falmouth, we can get you out on the waters of Casco Bay with either sailing lessons or a sailing charter. Map 2, F10 A total body workout in the great outdoors with a certified fitness instructor, all while experienc- ing the rich history of Portland’s Old Port. Map 3, E7 ISLAND GIRL WATER TAXI & CHARTERS Willard Beach, South Portland 207-799-0305 Come explore & experience Casco Bay with Cap- tain Catherine aboard Island Girl. Can accom- modate up to 6 passengers. Map 3, I5 LUCKY CATCH CRUISES A 90-minute lobstering excursion. Participate or relax as we haul traps next to lighthouses, forts and the seal rocks. Runs May - Oct. Map 3, F8 THE MAINE BREW BUS Tour pick up location: 79 Commercial St, Old Port Spirits and Cigars, Portland 207-200-9111 Join one of our regularly scheduled all-inclusive tours for a behind-the-scenes tasty look at Maine’s craft breweries, distilleries, and wineries! Map 3, F8 See ad this page MAINE DAY TRIP TOURS Customer Pickup: Enjoy and explore Maine’s unique coastal views, scenic by-ways and historic lighthouses with our customized and private sightseeing tours. See ad pg. 25 MAINE DUCK TOURS 177 Commercial St, Portland Tickets sold at The Blue Lobster 207-774-3825 A unique Land & Sea Adventure through Port- land’s Old Port and Harbor, learning the legends and lore that have shaped this city. Map 3, F8 See ad pg. 26 HISTORIC WORKOUTS Monument Sq, Portland 646-845-9714 170 Commercial St, Portland 207-761-0941 Portland & Kennebunkport areas 207-838-5275


Call For More Information 207.252.6358 BUY TICKETS ONLINE

Departs from Old Port Spirits 79 Commercial St.

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SENTINELS THROUGH THE CENTURIES Fun Facts about the Lighthouses of Casco Bay

These lighthouses are all within 20minutes of downtown; see for a driving tour of all six. CAPE ELIZABETH* | 1828 / 1874 Subject of Edward Hopper paintings in the 1920s.

CAPE ELIZABETH WEST* | 1828 / 1874 Purchased at auction by actor Gary Merrill (Bette Davis’ ex-husband) for $28K .

PORTLAND BREAKWATER (BUG LIGHT) | 1855 / 1875 Modeled after the Choragic Monument of Lysicrates (335 BC) near Athens, Greece. PORTLAND HEAD | 1791 The shipwreck of the Annie C. Maquire on Christmas Eve 1886 is thought to have been an intentional tax dodge. RAM ISLAND LEDGE | 1905 Construction could only take place at low tide. SPRING POINT LEDGE | 1897 The stone breakwater (added in 1951) makes it the only caisson-style lighthouse to which people can walk.

*Both lighthouses together are known as “Two Lights”



MAINE FOOD FOR THOUGHT TOURS Old Port, Portland 207-619-2075 Named the 2019 “Best Food Experience” by the World Food Travel Association. Enjoy seasonal dishes from Portland’s top restaurants and ex- plore the story behind the plate. MAINE FOODIE TOURS Tickets sold at Vervacious, 227 Commercial St, Portland 207-233-7485 Maine’s premiere, award-winning tours intro- duce you to authentic history, culture, & food. Enjoy the talented chefs, brewers, bakers, choc- olatiers, and more! Map 3, F8 See ad pg. 30 MAINE SAILING ADVENTURES Maine State Pier, Portland 207-749-9169 Join us aboard the 74-foot traditional sailing vessel Frances for public day sailing or charter. Weekly special events. June-Oct. Map 3, G9 ODYSSEY WHALE WATCH & NATURE CRUISES 170 Commercial St, Portland 207-775-0727 Fully narrated, daily Whale Watching with nat- uralist aboard. See Finbacks, Humpbacks, Seals, Seabirds, Sharks, Tuna, Lighthouses, and Forts. Map 3, F8 PORTLAND DISCOVERY LAND & SEA TOURS Tours start at Long Wharf 170 Commercial St, Portland 207-774-0808 Fully narrated trolley tours of the city, “Light- house Lovers” cruises, and sunset cruises. Private charters and group tours also available. May-Oct. Map 3, F8 See ad pg. 24 Come explore our City and Lighthouse tour, Shops and Hops tour, custom and private tours, we will fill your niche. Map 3, F8 PORTLAND FIRE ENGINE CO. Tours start at 180 Commercial St, Portland in-front of Portland Lobster Co. 207-252-6358 Unique multimedia history tour aboard a Vin- tage Fire Engine. Tours are 50 min. & fully narrat- ed by knowledgeable local guides. Book Online. Map 3, F8 See ad pg. 20 PORTLAND HARBOR WATER TOURS Ticket Booth: 14 Commercial St., Portland 207-200-8691 Tour historic forts, enjoy local beer & wine. Ex- plore Portland from the water! Map 3, G10 PORTLAND SCHOONER CO. Berth: Maine State Pier, 56 Commercial St, Portland 207-766-2500 2-hr public sails aboard classic wooden schoo- ners, Bagheera (1924), Wendameen (1912), and Timberwind (1931). Private charters available. All ages welcome. May-Oct. Map 3, G8 See ad pg. 19 PORTLAND EXPLORER TOURISM Pick up: 320 Fore St, Portland 207-835-4950




M A I N E G A R D E N S . O R G B o o t h b a y , M a i n e

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ART-N-ABOUT Not all of Greater Portland’s art exhibits are inside!

* Art from Top: Untitled mural, Lincoln Park Fountain, Michael

…Public art satisfies patrons of the arts while social distancing outside. PORTLAND HOPEFUL [Light Sculpture] Woodford’s Corner

HADLOCK FIELD FAMILY SCULPTURE Hadlock Field Plaza, 271 Park Ave.

CLOUD COUCH; RUSTLE DIPTYCH II [Sculptures] Baxter Blvd./Back Cove CAPE ELIZABETH JOAN BENOIT SAMUELSON; OLYMPIC FLAME [Sculpture] Thomas Memorial Library, 6 Scott Dyer Rd. FREEPORT L.L.BEAN BOOT [Sculpture] L.L. Bean Flagship Store, 95 Main St.

JOHN FORD STATUE Gorham’s Corner, 519 York St.

LINCOLN PARK FOUNTAIN * Congress Street between Pearl St. + Franklin St.

MAINE LOBSTERMAN [Sculpture] Lobsterman Park, Middle St. + Temple St.

WESTBROOK TOTEM; ANGEL; CROCODILE Warren Memorial Sculpture Garden, 801 Main St. YARMOUTH EARTHA [3-D Globe] Garmin (inside), 2 Delorme Dr.

MICHAEL * [Sculpture] Lower Monument Sq.

BIG FREEPORT INDIAN (aka ‘BFI’) [Sculpture] 117 US Route1 SOUTH PORTLAND ART ALL AROUND OIL TANKS PROJECT Sprague Industrial Site, Fore River

STANDING BEAR [Sculpture] Ocean Gateway Visitor Center (inside), Thames St.

THE WORLD WE ARE FROM, AND THE WORLD WE ARE MAKING [Mural] Kennedy Park East, East Bayside

NIGHT [Sculpture] Yarmouth History Center, 118 East Elm St.

UNTITLED * (ABSTRACT GEOMETRIC SHAPES) [Mural] Tommy’s Park, 80 Exchange St.




PORTLAND, MAINE WALKING TOURS 207-772-4068 Portland History Docents and professional tour guides with expertise in Portland’s food and beer scene, history and hiking trails.


THE REAL PORTLAND TOUR 96 Commercial St, Portland 207-329-7401


Enjoy a historical sightseeing tour of Portland and 3 lighthouses with a real local guide, born and raised in Portland. Map 3, G8 ROCKY BOTTOM TOURS 60 Portland Pier, Portland 207-671-4344 Encompass a day in the life of a lobsterman, all while enjoying the scenic views of historical landmarks on Casco Bay. Map 3, F8 SAIL PORTLAND MAINE 58 Fore St, Portland 207-200-6650 Daily two hour public sails will have you cruising past lighthouses, historic forts, and seals in our beautiful playground, Casco Bay. Map 3, G11 THE SCENIC ROUTE MAINE TOURS 14 Commercial St, Portland 207-518-3342 Fully narrated City and Lighthouse Tour and Kennebunkport Tour. We use 20 and 15 passen- ger vans for maximum comfort. Private tours available. Map 3, G10 Scenic boat rides on Casco Bay, mid-Jun through mid-Oct. Oyster Farm tours, Eagle Island tour, Private charters, Lobstering demos and more. Map 2, F13 SPIRITS ALIVE Eastern Cemetery, 244 Congress St, Portland We preserve, restore and maintain Portland’s oldest cemetery. We offer summer and fall tours as well as a winter lecture series. Tickets online. Map 3, E10 SUMMER FEET CYCLING ADVENTURES Tours begin at Ocean Gateway, Portland 866-857-9544 The half-day 5-lighthouse tour is perfect for any- one with a sense of adventure. Bike and Brew tours, multi-day trips, and bike rentals. Map 3, G10 See ad pg. 26 WINE WISE 207-619-4630 Join Sommelier Erica Archer for highly-rated Wine & Food Walks + Wine Sails with scenic views of Maine lighthouses and islands. THERE’S MORE TO EXPLORE! See more activities beyond Greater Portland on pages 66-70 SEACOAST TOURS OF FREEPORT Departs from Freeport town wharf, South Freeport 207-798-2001

Book online @

Don’t just see Portland — Discover it .


Harbor Lights and Sights Cruise 105- minute cruise with beautiful

Portland City and Lighthouse Tour 105 - minute trolley tour of Portland’s history, architecture,

views of Casco Bay’s famous lighthouses, lobster boats, seals, seabirds and more. Just $31

and landmarks, including a stop at Portland Head Light. Just $31

$58 for both!

Photo by Jack McCabe

Book online @

Call today 207-774-0808 • Long Wharf, 170 Commercial St. (next to DiMillo’s) Tours depart May-October

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PORTLAND OBSERVATORY MUSEUM 138 Congress St, Portland 207-774-5561 Only remaining maritime signal tower in America. Sweeping views of Portland, Casco Bay and the White Mountains. Memorial Day to Columbus Day. Map 3, E11 SOUTHWORTH PLANETARIUM 70 Falmouth St, Portland 207-780-4249 Portland’s space & science place! Explore galax- ies, atoms, cells & the sea in our subterranean star dome. We offer shows, classes & much more. Map 3, C8 TATE HOUSE MUSEUM Built in 1755, features period furnishings and herb gardens. Special events & activities. Gift shop. Hourly tours Jun-Oct. Map 3, B5 VICTORIA MANSION 109 Danforth St, Portland 207-772-4841 Built in 1858-1860, the Mansion’s intact interiors still boast over 90% of their original furnishings. Tours May-Oct. Decorated for the Holidays. Map 3, E5 Continued on page 30 1267 Westbrook St, Portland 207-774-6177

I HISTORIC SITES + MUSEUMS CHILDREN’S MUSEUM & THEATRE OF MAINE 142 Free St, Portland 207-828-1234 Four floors of hands-on, interactive exhibits, theater productions “for kids, by kids”, dozens of daily art, science, music and movement work- shops. Map 3, D6 FORT GORGES Casco Bay, Portland 207-370-1181 Former military fort, now an island park, is acces- sible with transportation and tour at high tide. Available to book for events & weddings. Map 3, J14 See ad pg. 24 INSTITUTE OF CONTEMPORARY ART

Maine Day Trip Tours


Enjoy and explore Maine’s unique coastal views, scenic by-ways and historic lighthouses with custom private sightseeing tours for individuals, couples and groups.


AT MAINE COLLEGE OF ART 522 Congress St, Portland 800-639-4808

Features innovative exhibitions and public programs that showcase new perspectives and trends in contemporary art. Free admission. Map 3, D7

available year-round

MAINE HISTORICAL SOCIETY 489 Congress St, Portland 207-774-1822

(207) 838-5275

Changing exhibitions of Maine history, unique gifts, and tours of the Longfellow House & Gar- den, home of poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Map 3, D7 MAINE IRISH HERITAGE CENTER St. Dominic’s Church, 34 Gray St, Portland 207-780-0118 MIHC houses Maine’s largest collection of Irish-American genealogy research materials, Irish literature, and archives. Map 3, E4 MAINE NARROWGAUGE RAILROAD COMPANY & MUSEUM 49 Thames St, Portland 207-828-0814 Experience Maine’s unique railroad history with a scenic waterfront train ride. Museum features exhibits & activities for children. Map 3, G10 See ad pg. 26 MUSEUM AT PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT 1000 Shore Rd, Cape Elizabeth 207-799-2661 Located in the former lighthouse keepers’ quar- ters, chronicles the history of Portland Head Light, the oldest lighthouse in Maine and Fort

Want to know WHAT'S HAPPENING? Visit our online Calendar of Events at

for up-to-date information about: • concerts • festivals • sporting events • theater and dance • museum exhibits • children's activities and more.

Williams. Map 3, I2

See ad pg. 19

PORTLAND MUSEUMOF ART 7 Congress Square, Portland 207-775-6148

The PMA offers art experiences for all, a wide range of events and films, family activities, and tours of the breathtaking Winslow Homer Studio. Map 3, D6


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