first aid to passengers who become ill onboard, and if the pilots need to make an emergency landing, it is the attendants who direct the evacuation. In addition to serving the passengers and making sure that safety procedures are being followed, flight attendants have paperwork and administrative tasks to fulfill. Prior to landing, attendants must take inventory of headsets, alcoholic beverages, and moneys collected. They must also write a quick report detailing the condition of the cabin, any items left behind, and if there were any incidents or medical problems onboard. If you thought that a flight attendant’s job was just to look good and pour coffee, you might want to think again. Who’s Hiring? • Commercial airline companies, such as Delta, American Airlines, or Virgin Air. • Fractional aircraft companies, such as NetJets, which specialize in timeshare planes. • Major corporations and companies, which operate aircraft for business purposes. p  Although safety videos are common on large planes, flight attendants on smaller planes will still need to demon- strate safety procedures.

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