HK039-Silver Yuan


4007 1949 A special rate cover from Lauchow to Canton, bearing SYS Hwa Nan print 1c, Kwangsi surcharge on SYS 5c x 2, total rate 11c, matching the domestic air mail special rate, tied by LAUCHOW/25.7.49’ cds, ‘CANTON/27.7.49’ arrival cds. According to Mr. Lee Saikei who was a Silver Yuan specialist, from May to July 1949, there was a difference in the Silver Yuan rate between Kwangsi and the other areas. In other areas the surface rate was mostly 4c, in Kwangsi, the special rate was Silver Yuan 5c, hence this cover carried a domestic air mail rate of 11c. Photo 1949年柳州寄廣州航空特殊郵資封:中式封貼孫像華南版銀元1分1枚,孫像國幣桂區加蓋銀元5分2枚,郵資 共計銀元11分,符合桂區國內航空特殊郵資,銷柳州卅八.七月廿五戳航空寄廣州,有廣州卅八.七月廿七 落地戳根據銀元專家李世琦先生考證,1949年5月至7月間,廣西省銀元郵資與其他國統區有所差異,當時一 般國統區國內平信郵資為銀元4分。但是廣西省採用特殊郵資,國內平信郵資為銀元5分,因此此封郵資為國 內平信郵資為銀元5分,國內航空郵資6分,共計11分。 HK$ 2,800 - 3,500


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