HK039-Silver Yuan

Covers of Stamps Overprinted with Names of Szechwan Local Post Offices 四川郵局名加蓋郵票實寄封

In May 1949, when Silver Yuan became the standard currency for postage, the Gold Yuan having been drastically devalued on a daily basis, saw its exchange rate against the Silver Yuan vary from location to location, particularly in Szechwan. To stop arbitration, the Central Post Office instructed local post offices in East Szechwan (headquarter in Chungking) from 18 June, 1949 and West Szechwan (headquarter in Chengtu) from 21 June 1949, to have their locality identification overprinted on the Unit and Basic stamps so to indicate their restricted use at the local post offices. The post offices were further instructed to sell stamps only at the time when letters were posted. When the Gold Yuan was abolished, Szechwan post offices aborted the overprint on July 7 and waived their restrictive usage at the local post offices. The next 74 lots are covers franked with Szechwan Local Post Office overprints. 隨着金圓券的廢除,四川郵局於1949年七月七日停止發行郵局名加蓋郵票,以下74項四川郵局名加蓋郵票實 寄封


4025 1949 Taipingchen registered to Chungking, bearing SYS Hwa Nan print 16c, with local overprinted ‘DIMKONG’,SYS Hwa Nan print 4c x 2, matching the domestic registration rate 20c, tied by ‘TAIPINGCHEN/8.8.49’ cds, ‘CHUNGKING/10.8.49’ arrival cds, with complete receipt attached. Photo 1949年太平鎮寄重慶掛號銀元地方加蓋封:中式封貼孫像華南版16分加蓋墊江1枚,孫像華南版銀元4分2枚, 郵資共計銀元20分,符合國內掛號郵資,銷四川太平鎮八月八日戳掛號寄重慶,有重慶卅八.八月十日落地 戳,掛號執據完整。 HK$ 1,100 - 1,500


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