HK039-Silver Yuan


4058 1949 A double registered cover from Fauling to Chungking, bearing SYS Hwa Nan print 4c x 5, with local overprinted ‘FAULING’ matching the domestic registration rate 20c, tied by ‘FAULING/17.10.49’ cds, ‘CHUNGKING/18.10.49’ arrival cds. Photo 1949年涪陵寄重慶掛號銀元地方加蓋封:中式封貼孫像華南版銀元20分加蓋涪陵1枚,郵資共計銀元20分,符 合國內掛號郵資,銷涪陵卅八.十月十七戳掛號寄重慶,有重慶卅八.十月十八落地戳。 HK$ 1,500 - 2,000


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