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These are just some of the mining applications and hazards HexArmor ® helped companies overcome with our industry-leading PPE solutions. Roof Bolting Roof bolting – sometimes known as top bolting – is widely considered to be the most dangerous job in underground coal mines. There is the ever-present danger of a falling roof, and roof-bolting machines used in this application create additional hazards. According to a study published in the Journal of Occupational Accidents, roof-bolter operators with less than a year of experience tend to incur approximately five times the number of accidents as more experienced operators. Mine workers who do roof bolting are exposed to falling rock, sharp edges from “pizza pans” and drill bits, and heat from drill bits. HexArmor ® worked with one of America’s leading producers of coal to find a solution to keep their roof bolters safe: the Rig Lizard ® 2021 and 2025. Applications

Conveyor Belts In almost all mining operations, high capacity industrial belt conveyors are used to transport ores throughout the mine or production facility. These belts require continual maintenance – a hazardous job for maintenance crews. Workers are often positioned on their knees, using two-handed box cutters or mill knives to slice thick belts of fiber and steel, pulling the blades directly toward them. HexArmor ® worked with the safety team at a major mining company to engineer a cut-resistant chap to protect workers from these dangerous blades. After introducing the HexArmor ® 9911chaps, the company was able to completely eliminate conveyor belt maintenance injuries.

Drilling/Servicing Mining companies usually work with contractors to perform drilling/servicing work, which involves pulling slips, working tongs, tripping pipe, and making/breaking connections. The heavy pipe and tooling used in these applications present serious impact hazards. In addition, some pipes, chains, and tools have burrs – so puncture protection is also a necessity. Grip needs vary depending on the contractor because each uses a proprietary lubricant. HexArmor ® offers a wide range of grip and palm dip options. We can help you provide your contractors with the right hand protection for the job. For drilling and servicing, we recommend the GGT5 ® and Rig Lizard ® Series gloves. These gloves provide high levels of cut, puncture, and impact protection with a range of grip options.

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