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and Hazards

Truck Shop Fly Metal A common hazard in mining truck shops is fly metal, usually from changing out teeth on a loader. The metal used in the pins is not as strong as the pipe causing the pins explode and become shrapnel. Virtually the entire body is at risk of being pierced with fly metal, so truck shop workers typically wear leather jackets and chaps. The problem is these are hot, heavy, and smelly. Our customers found a better alternative: HexJackets, Aprons, and Chaps made with SuperFabric ® * brand materials. HexArmor ® is an exclusive licensee of SuperFabric ® brand material. SuperFabric ® technology provides the highest level of protection from fly metal in a product that’s lightweight, comfortable, breathes better, and lasts longer. General Mine Work Workers are exposed to falling rock, general cut hazards, and their job involves handling heavy tools. The Rig Lizard ® 2090X is the ideal all-purpose mining work glove and is widely used in mines across the globe. It’s comfortable enough to wear all day without causing hand fatigue, and workers like that it provides the dexterity and tactile sensitivity they need to do their jobs. It also delivers impact resistance to prevent injuries from falling rocks and pinch points and protects from cut hazards.

“HexArmor ® hand protection is far superior to any other glove I have used. Anything coming into contact with my hand was easily dampened by the padding, and that is a very big deal when nothing I work with weighs less than a couple hundred pounds.” - Jim M., Mining Engineer

*SuperFabric® is a registered trademark of HDM, Inc.

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