Hartpury University Agriculture Applicant Day Programme

Hartpury University Agriculture Your programme 9.00 Registration University Learning Centre Let us know you’re here, grab some refreshments and pick up your welcome gift. 9.30 Welcome and Student life talk Mark Davison Centre (MDC1) 12.00 Lunch A sandwich packed lunch will be provided. If you fancy a hot lunch, you can purchase one from our eatery. Graze, campus eatery 13.00 Information hub

Meet your Head of Department as they welcome you to Hartpury. You’ll also hear from our student experience team as they give you an insight into our community and student life here on campus. 10.00 Agriculture By 2050 we’re going to have another billion people on the planet and they’re all going to need to eat. Find out how Hartpury’s Home Farm is facing industry challenges head on. Livestock: Get the balance right Our dairy cows are fed on a total mixed ration, which helps to ensure every mouthful of food is nutritionally consistent. However, cows will sort feed to find their favourite bits. This can have negative implications on rumen health and milk production. During this session you’ll be sampling, sifting and weighing different feed types to evaluate nutritional consistency. You’ll then make feed recommendations for our Hartpury herd. Crops: Get to the root of the problem Understanding different soil types and their properties is critical for the effective management of crops. During this session you’ll be explore proven crop planning methods. You’ll examine different soil types and identify compaction in crop fields on our commercial farm. You’ll then develop remedial plans to alleviate these real- world issues. Policy: For the good of the public The Agriculture Bill 2017–2019 sets out to reward farmers for helping communities, wildlife and the environment. During this session you’ll examine the importance of environmental management plans to increase biodiversity and production. This could include planting wild flower mix for birds, using cover crops to prevent erosion, and more. You’ll explore our Hartpury farm to identify places where new schemes can be launched.

This is an opportunity to ask your questions and find out more. This will include representation from a range of teams such as finance, accommodation, Students’ Union and the Sports Academy. University Learning Centre 13.00 Accommodation tours Leaving regularly from their base in the University Learning Centre, our team of student ambassadors will be able to show you a range of room types to inform your application for on-site accommodation. We will also be doing a visit to some of our off-site accommodation in the centre of Gloucester, please sign up for our minibus on the day. University Learning Centre 15.00 Finish

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