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March 2015


GMP Slovakia is now certified to the ISO

14001:2004 standard for environmental

management systems. This certification

confirms the company’s commitment to

minimise the environmental impact in its

day-to-day operations.






ISO 9001:2008 standard for quality

management systems since 2010. This

certification is essential for customers

who need a supplier which can give

them the assurance that all services

and products supplied respect special

specification during the realisation of the


Realisation of products is followed step by

step, from the purchasing of raw material

to manufacturing of the product, and all

these steps can be coverable and verified.

Both ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 9001:2008

are very important because they are

synonymous with quality products

respecting the environment.

GMP take-apart reels and handling are CE

certified. The range of product includes

the tilting unit model TU/M to turn coils

and reels 90°. Loading capacity is up to

five tons. The TU/M works by transmitting

the movement from the motor to the

tilting table by a chain.

It is set by a control panel outside the

machine and is provided with safety

barriers (hardware and optical). The

equipment must be placed in the

ground according to layout designed

from GMP’s technical team. The TU/M

can be supplied with a rolling system,

where the operator can place the reel in

horizontal axis position for the strapping

operation. Dimensions can be standard

or customised according to the customer


GMP Slovakia – Slovakia



Cutting environmental impact – certified!

Reel deal from GMP Slovakia