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March 2015


EuroWire – January 2012



March 2015

www. ead- urow





introduced its completely new developed

MSM 86 type rod breakdown machine

at its factory in Schwabach, Germany.

Designed for copper wires, the machine

can also be used for wires made of

aluminium, alminium alloys, copper alloys

and special materials.

Being of modular design, the MSM 86

offers users more options in terms of

process technology. The latest generation

of controls allows drawing/annealing

with minimal slip, resulting in high quality

wire surfaces. The optimised wire path,

innovative drawing die holders with

high-pressure cooling of the drawing dies

and an optimised wire cooling/lubrication

due to the fully submerged drawing basin

contribute to a high wire quality.

Capstans which are not in use are

switched off. In addition, design changes

have been made to reduce maintenance

work requirements and make the access

to the relevant areas easier. A quick

drawing die change system reduces

downtime when changing the machine

setup for different dimensions, and

enhances productivity.

Other features are an ergonomic and

user-friendly design and a highly reliable

separation of drawing emulsion and gear

oil by mechanical sealing enabling easy

maintenance and long maintenance

intervals. The total energy consumption of

MSM machines is up to 20 per cent lower

than that of rod breakdown machines

with conventional drives.

The MSM 86 is designed to be combined

with the new R 502 continuous resistance

annealer. With an annealing power of

600kW it is the most powerful annealer

made by Niehoff so far and is suitable

for combining with MSM 85 or MM

85 rod breakdown machines. Power

consumption is reduced by 20 per cent

compared to state-of-the art DC annealers

due to the newly developed voltage

control system NAC (Niehoff Annealing

Controller) and the AC annealing


The rod break down line – a 13-draft

two-wire MSM 86 + R 502 + SND 801

+ SPH 1001 rod breakdown line – can

produce, for example, two wires with a

diameter of 2.6mm at a production speed

of 24m/s resulting in an output of eight

tons per hour.

The SND 801 automatic double spooler

is designed for a larger wire range

(diameters of 0.8 to 4.5mm for copper

wire and 1 to 6mm for wire made of EC

grade aluminium and aluminium alloys)

and can transfer the wire automatically

from full to empty spool with very high

transfer safety. The operator-friendly

spooler also enables easier foundations.

The SPH 1001 automatic single portal





changing for increased productivity of

the overall line. The SPH 1001 spoolers

are built in two versions. Both versions are

suitable for spools with 1,000mm flange

diameter or less down to 630mm flange

diameter. In this case a lifting table is

necessary. The difference between both

spoolers is the degree of automation:

While the fully automatic version

works with automatic wire and spool

handling, the semi-automatic version is

characterised by manual wire handling

on the one hand, and automatic spool

handling on the other. The electrical

system, with independent PLC, enables

flexible integration of the spooler in any

kind of new or existing drawing lines.

The MSM 86 rod breakdown line is

operated by means of the new NMI

(Niehoff Machine Interface) 15" colour

touch-screen display with user interface

and simplified navigation structure.

Maschinenfabrik Niehoff GmbH –




Optimum process technology

The SPH 1001 automatic single portal spooler