TPi July 2016


Performance and efficiency are key when designing next generation jet planes that shape the future of air defence. With up to 1km of hydraulic tubing in each aircraft operating at pressures up to 5000 psi, reliability, high strength and light weight tubing is critical. Our expertise in processing specialty alloys enables us to engineer high precision tubing to the toughest specifications for ‘mission critical’ applications in both military or commercial aircraft programmes. Fine Tubes and Superior Tube are part of a global organisation with a world-class reputation for innovation and high quality tubing solutions in stainless steel, nickel, titanium and zirconium alloys.


Fuel, air and hydraulic lines

Waspaloy tubing for F-15/F-16 afterburners


Flight surface actuation

landing gear

3000 psi, 5000 psi hydraulic controls

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