Adhesive Dispensing Catalogue 2011


Adhesive Dispensing Limited is an experienced technically based business and as such is able to offer a range of dispensing systems to support simple manual applications to complex robotic processes. We pride ourselves on being able to help identify the best possible solution to any problem irrespective of application or industry. Helping you to solve your assembly problems and liquid handling, advising on dispensing methods and equipment and making detailed product recommendations are all part of our days work.

Expert advice


Our product base is extensive, allowing us to recommend the best product solutions for the liquids to be applied, the tools and application equipment and the appropriate production methods. Our solutions vary from high-speed motor driven microdot valves in electronic production assembly applications to hand syringe guns for model makers. We also supply syringes and barrels re-packaged with a customer’s specified adhesive as well as a range of industrial, high strength adhesives. Our dispensing products range includes manual bottles, cartridge guns, timed dispensers, dosing valves, fume extraction and XYZ bench top robots.

Total support


Adhesive Dispensing Ltd Willow House, 20 Craigmore Ave, Milton Keynes, Bucks, MK3 6HD, UK T. 0845 652 0059 F. 0845 6520059

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