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With millions relying on public transit every day, there is precious little time to waste on downtime. A world of timetables and dependability demands that components withstand constant daily mechanical stresses. /////////////////////////////////////

An increasing number of applications require a ruggedized VFD cable that meets NEC Class 1 Division 2 standards for use in hazardous environments. Some of these applications also require a VFD cable that can withstand a tight bend radius. Can the same cable meet both requirements? In the past, the answer would like have been no. But recent advances in cable design and manufacturing have resulted in products that offer both protection and flexibility. One such product is LAPP’s ÖLFLEX ® VFD SLIM. This shielded VFD cable offers a long list of approvals — including NEC Class 1 Division 2 and UL TC-ER. At the same time, it allows a tight bend radius of 7.5 x the cable diameter. VFD SLIM also features LAPP Surge Guard semi-conductive insulation. Surge Guard allows the cable to withstand nonlinear power distortions common with VFD drives. These distortions include voltage spikes, in-rush currents, wave reflections and harmonics.

PUBLIC TRANSIT APPLICATION ÖLFLEX ® VFD SLIM has seen use in a wide variety of VFD applications that need both a high protection class and easy installation in tight spaces. One recent example involves a public transportation system that upgraded its electric drive system, replacing outmoded DC trolley motors with new 40 HP VFDs. The system’s engineers required that the power cables have Class 1 Division 2 rating and UL listing for safety’s sake. Their design also called for a very tight cable bend from the top of each motor’s terminal box. How tight? The 6 AWG, 4-conductor cables had to make a 90-degree turn in a 2-inch space. VFD SLIM had no trouble meeting the application requirements and was picked for the drive retrofit. LAPP delivers the cable as part of a plug-and- play cable assembly that also includes our SILVYN ® AS flexible conduit and SKINTOP ® cable glands. For more information on ÖLFLEX ® VFD SLIM, visit LAPP’s website at

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