Practice Update: Endocrinology | Volume 1. Number 2. 2016

VOL. 1 • No. 2 • 2016

ISSN 2206-4656



Diabetes landscape

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in Australia is fast evolving

OPINION matter how compelling, observational data and biological plausibility do not necessarily predict the ability of a therapeutic manipulation of a biomarker to alter clinical outcomes. Dr Peter Libby

One of the biggest conversation points in diabetes these days is

around the impact of the newer diabetes drugs on cardiovascular mortality, the role of epigenetics in diabetes, and the potential impact of an artificial pancreas system on patients with type 1 diabetes.


DIABETES FDA revises recommendation

for metformin use in patients with chronic kidney disease Hypoglycaemia remains a most challenging obstacle



OBESITY Overweight, obesity leads to higher mortality 8 METABOLIC & ENDOCRINE DISORDERS 10 CARDIOVASCULAR COMPLICATIONS Encourage intake of whole, not refined, grains 13 CHRONIC KIDNEY DISEASE Exercise caution in certain patients 14 My approach to the patient with memory loss who needs a statin

Life-years lost to diabetes Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice

Prevalence of diabetic retinopathy in newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes Diabetologia Based on fundus photographs, researchers observed that 13% of participants with newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes had DR.

BMI and mortality risk The Lancet Mortality risk increased log-linearly with BMI for BMI >25 kg/m 2 ; the hazard ratio per 5 kg/m2 higher BMI was1.29 to 1.39, depending on the continent.

LDL levels and major adverse cardiac events in ischaemic heart disease treated with statins JAMA Internal Medicine In patients with ischaemic heart disease who are compliant with statin therapy, LDL levels ≤100 mg/dL are associated with reduced risk of MACE. 11

Life-years lost to diabetes decreased as age at diabetes diagnosis increased; those diagnosed before 20 years of age lost 20 years whereas those diagnosed after 80 years of age lost no years.




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