Alcalá View 1988 5.4

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( 1'1c ung. Gar J Dobson, 1 clcwm- riunicattons -- "A new phone for everybody on campus." l eo Bri-.enn, General Ser- vices -- "A world free from drug!'; for the next g~nJra- tion Doug Burke, Tekccm irurncauons -- "A new I air o root,; that won't s wk." Dr. Pat Lo,\TY, School EducJhon -- "A Mac H0'-h An opportunity she couldn't refuse By Jacqueline GeMvese Some parents don't have much in common with their teenagers. But that certainly

Michael O'Cull, Print Shop - "More hair on my head, and in a different color." Gus Barradas and Socorro Ellis, Gencml Services -- "To vv'n the I OU.Cry." Skip alsh. Hm1~ing -- "Peace on earth and good wil toward mcri delivered by every person to every person in history at USD for the past five years -- between work- ing full-time and caring for a family. This May, she'll finally walk across the stage in Torero Stadium and receive her degree. "I couldn't work in this en- vironment and not take ad-

ApJ le (computer) m the stocking of every School of Education faculty member." Dora Camacho, General Ser- vices "Happiness and good hralth among myself and loved ones." Che.mce Adair, l\,fajl Cc~kr -- "Somebody else for Presi- dent." (OftJ1cU S.) can• t be said about Barbara Wegener. Wegener -- like her three children -- is a student Secretary for School of Education Dean Ed De- Roche and runner-up for this year's Employee of the Year Award, Wegener has been pursuing a bachelor's degree

they know personally." Shelly Barnes, Print Shop -- "A good night's rest." Jimmy Contreras, (kncral Services -- "A turkey." Herb Whyte, Financial Aid "FourofGary and Doug." (Continued on next page) vantage of the opportunity to pursue my education," she ex- plains. Although it hasn't been easy juggling home and work responsibilities, Wegener has enjoyed her classroom pur- suits. "All of my professors have been great and the stu- (Continued on next page) Vol. 5, No. 4

December 1988

USD Employee Newsletter

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