2020 Fall Edition Newsletter

MESSAGE FROM THE EXECUTIVE BOARD This has been a very trying time for all of us. Many changes have taken place related to the Virus. Even with these challenges, we have been able to fulfill the mission we have been charged with in enhancing our county history. During the year we lost two important members, Betty Bendorf and Larry Lybarger. We also lost 11 volunteers. Because of the Pandemic it was decided by the Board we would hold our elections in January instead of November. We look forward to filling the President and Secretary positions as well of a number of township representatives. A committee is working on this. The board has also established a Public Information Officer position. There are plans to do a strategic plan for the museum next year and putting together a vol unteer orientation plan. Many thanks to the volunteers who have stepped for ward to fill in during this time. We wish all a Merry Christmas and look forward to a great next year.

Larry Lybarger, our president, has retired and moved south. Citing health issues with his wife, Sharon, and himself Larry chose to move close to his son Dr. Lonny Lybarger who lives in to Tucson AZ The museum is going to miss his leadership ability and cordial demeanor. We wish him well in the future. Wes Cole presenting Larry a certificate for his many years of dedicated service


MEMBERSHIP DUES CHANGE FOR THE MUSEUM Our Miami County Historical Society dues are currently collected throughout the year according to the date the member has joined. To improve our accounting method, we wish to change the due date of all dues to a single annual date which will be the same for all members. The annual date for all membership dues will be October 1. Currently, those who pay between now and October 1, 2020 will not be billed for another year until October 2021. We hope this will not be too confusing for members, but it will make the accounting system more efficient. We cherish our members for their very generous gifts and donations. This support is vital for our continuation and improvement of our museum and genealogy library. Again, thank you for your consideration and we welcome your concerns and questions.

The Executive Board Phone: 913-731-3193 816-392-0605

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: Front Desk (1/2 or full day), computer input, arrang ing displays, moving help, grant writers, interviewers, history researchers

The Museum has reprints of past Newsletters for sale at $2.00 an issue.

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