2020 Fall Edition Newsletter

The following are new members to the museum Ken Bingman, Leah Bond, Tina Chrisjohn, Katie Conley, Justin Elmers, Steve Finch, Gordon Geldhof, Robert Heaton, B. A. Heid, Stacy Miles,

VOLUNTEER AND VISITOR REPORT AUGUST 2020 THRU MID NOVEMBER 2020 VOLUNTEERS - 21 HOURS - 2,023 BOARD MEETINGS - 4 AVERAGE ATTENDANCE - 10 VISITORS - 152 STATES REPRESENTED - 19 VOLUNTEERS: Betty Bendorf, Ann Benton, Ann Davis, Patsy Bortner, Jim Bousman, Kaylen Butler, Wes Cole, Elsie Cordle, Luanne Debrick, Agnes Dillard, Gorden Geldhof, Nina Gerken, Mike Hursey, Iris Kluber, Larry Lybarger, Lloyd Peckman, Leanne Shields, Roger Ship man, Vince Thorpe, Ellen Welch, Beth Wilson. STATES REPRESENTED: Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Ohio, Utah, Washington, Colorado, Idaho, Texas, Georgia, Arkansas, Florida, Maryland, South Dakota, California, Louisiana, Minne sota, Iowa, Washington Those old dark “Tin Type” images can be revealed to show a sharp image that can be printed or saved onto computer files. I can copy all sizes of negatives color or black & white from the small 110, 35 mm, all 120 and up to a 4 x 5 inches. Color slides can be copied and made into color prints or copied onto CDs or USB memory stick to view on your computer. The photo of a couple below on the right had been washed in a pair of jeans and it was pulling off the backing. The owner was heartbroken as it was the only photo of her fa ther. I removed the wrinkled image off the card base by soaking it in water. It was stretched and glued down on new backing and copied. Using Photoshop I was able to remove at the customer’s request the stepmother and create a new portrait of her father.

Bill & Debbie Mize, Hugh Poland, Amiozier and Jean Richardson, Shelly Schierman, Mary Ann Thornton

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: Front Desk (1/2 or full day), Computer input, Arranging displays, Moving help, Grant writers, Interviewers, History researchers Newsletter Accessions Manager Call the Museum at 913-294-4940 Our e-mail address is: micomuseum@gmail.com Another new service at the Museum, We can now digitize 8mm & Super 8 mm movie film which can be transfered to DVDs or viewed on your computer. This is in addition to restoration of photos and video transfer to DVD format

I can also duplicate printed material like old cookbooks and turn them into digital files that can be viewed on computer screen or printed out in a booklet.. Using a digital process the museum now has the ability to provide the service to restore your precious images. We can fix damaged pictures, add a person to a group photo or take someone out. Faded out prints can be brought back and made to look like new. Old negatives, color or black & white can be copied and made into prints. Drag those old films out of the closet and turn them into gifts.

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