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V erizon has always been a leader in the communication industry and consistently invests in the network. 5G is an example of such an investment, which has been deployed to many parts of the country. By investing in our infrastructure, Ve- rizon is making communicating and working remotely better and more efficient. The differences between 5G and 4G are dramatic. Download speed of 5G can be up to 1000 times faster than 4G. Verizon has been a longtime supporter of the FBINAA and our commitment has not waivered during this pandemic. We remain a Diamond level sponsor and continue to support chap- ters as they conduct training events. If a chapter has had or is planning on conducting their event this year, Verizon’s support is unwavering. Over the past several months, many training events have gone virtual, and Verizon has supported these events and will be participating in the NAA’s virtual national conference in September. As crises continue to occur around the country, Verizon’s response teams remain ready and are responding to calls for help from public safety and others. During the first half of 2020, the Verizon response teams have been deployed over 400 times and had over 600 customer engagements. These deployments ranged from agencies requesting additional phones for specific situations to network enhancements in areas where additional coverage was needed based on the emergency. One example was when the US Navy Ship Comfort docked near New York City to help with the potential increase in COVID-19 cases. Our network and response teams helped get the ship connected and prepared the Verizon network to handle the potential increase in wireless activity. These dedicated teams respond whenever and wherever they are needed, regardless of the weather conditions or terrain. When they are deployed, they respond with every-

The entire world, including Law Enforcement, has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic; Verizon is no exception. Through all of the adversity, Verizon has continued to accomplish its mission, and has also continued to support the FBINAA as well as all of public safety. Although our mission has remained the same, the way we deliver our mission has greatly changed. With more and more people working, studying and shopping remotely, there has been an increased use of our wireless and wired networks. Verizon employees continue to work and meet this increased need, and also continued to support and provide services throughout the public safety community.

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