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Long distance travel Harry Hoppit, the famous solo airman, was in his London penthouse suite planning his next flight. " Maybe I'll go over the North Pole," he said out loud, looking out of the window towards the hills of Hampstead. "On the other hand, I could go via America." he muttered to himself, looking out towardsWestminster Abbey and the Thames Valley beyond. "Why don't you just take the quickest route?" asked his girlfriend, Persephone. "It makes no difference," he replied. "What's a few miles here or there, when I'mgoing so far?" and he continuedmuttering to himself, "Perhaps I should fly over India ..." What was Hoppit's destination?

Michael van der Merwe , product supervisor, VSS.

Jacques vanWyngaard , sales representative, Voltex Bloemfontein.

AnsonetVerveld , marketing assistant, Cabstrut, Johannesburg.

StevenWard , service technician, electric power generation.

Johnny Canada technical services manager, electric power generation

CharlesMthiyane Service technician, electric power generation

May solution

The Greek Cross Peter went round the edge of the cross, cutting off these four small triangles, which fit into the remain- ing edge to form the square.

Jane wanted tomake two cuts parallel to Peter's cuts – straight through the middle, like this:

It is a curious fact that you canmake two cuts paral- lel to Jane's through any point inside the central square of the cross, and you will get a dissection into the same square.


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