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University of San Diego Archives

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Barbara Ritchie, library systems manager, invites all employees to try SALLY, the university's new automated system for Copley Library, the Legal Research Center and the Media Center. Pictured above is the first screen of information employees will see when using SALLY. (See story on page four .)

Campus Briefs Calling All History Buffs

• Photographs from William Henry Jackson and the Detroit Publishing Company • The Last Days of President Mc- Kinley: Paper Print Films of William McKinley and the Pan-American Exposition, 1901 • Uniting the States: Documents from the Continental Congress and Constitutional Conven- tion, 1774-1789 • Political Prints and Cartoons About Congress, 1770-1981 • The Life of a City: Paper Print FilmsofNewYorkCity, 1897- 1906 For more information, call David Tiedemann at ext. 4615.

If you're a history buff, then the Media Center has a program you might be interested in. The American Memory Project of the Library of Congress is an attempt to share unique Library collections with the nation, and USD's Media Center was one of 37 sites chosen last fall to house the project. Using computers and videodiscs, the American Memory Project provides access to selected portions of the American history and culture sections of the Library of Congress. The Media Center currently has the following selections available for viewing until June: • The Nation's Forum: Early Sound Recordings of America' s Leaders, 1918-1920

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