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“If it ain’t broke – don’t fix it…” The traditional industrial syringe barrel & piston design has been around in its current format for many, many years for a reason. It’s a reliable, robust & cost effective system for applying adhesives, gels, liquids & pastes on manual, semi-automatic and fully automated dispensing systems.

Plastic consumable parts, as with syringe barrels and pistons, can sometimes be re-engineered, re- designed and tweaked so that they appear to be more sleek, or put into more expensive packaging or given a fancy name but essentially they have to meet basic criteria: -

• Are they safe under air pressures up to 100psi?

• Does the wiper piston move freely inside the barrel without restriction?

• Is there a reliable piston option for thin, medium or thick fluids?

• Can the barrels be sealed both ends and air-tight for filling/ storage?

• Are the plastics certified silicone-free? Are they not brittle?

• Do they meet the standard adapter assembly connection for compatibility?

• Can the supplier ship all options direct from stock

• Are they available in small, medium and large packs to suit all users?

So let’s not forget that these parts are designed to be disposable & for single use only. Yet our parts perform to the highest levels & remain as safe & reliable as top priced competitor products.

We need safety, convenience & performance from dispensing barrels; we must take into consideration the price & ensure that costs of dispensing parts do not eliminate the original savings achieved when switching to air-powered dispensers or syringe guns.

The 700 series barrels & pistons are proven technology. They won’t let you down for accuracy, reliability or performance. Yes they are safe for single use to 100psi. And yes they are silicone-free plastics so will not affect sensitive adhesives placed inside them. And yes they are cost effective.

The difference between our components and some others is that at Adhesive Dispensing Ltd, we really like the traditional. It’s uncomplicated, reliable, and safe and does not cost the earth!

We don’t want to over engineer disposable products where they do not perform as good. Or where the cost doubles and our customers face a decision or try to re-clean used parts. Or releasing new designed barrels yet not explaining how long the lead times are!

Call us for samples of our 3cc, 5cc, 10cc, 30cc or 55cc barrels in natural (clear), amber (UV tint) or black (UV block). With our standard PE white pistons, red flat walled or blue easy flow. And snap-lock end caps, twist-on tip caps and a range of adapter assembly hoses to suit all size barrels.

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