The first monster trucks used tractor tires. No specialty tires were available at the time. Today, Goodyear and Firestone, as well as BKT, make monster truck tires. The average cost of a single tire is between $2,500 and $7,500. In basic terms, a monster truck is a pickup truck fitted with extra-large tires and a super duty suspension. These days there are specific size requirements. As monster truck sporting evolved into a body of racing and exhibition stunt events, the definition of a monster truck became solidified in MTRA rules. A pickup truck isn’t necessary. The body of a monster truck can be anything. Some monster trucks start with a car or SUV body, while others are constructed of fiberglass into original shapes like the famous Scooby-Doo monster truck driven by Nicole Johnson, who said to Vice.com that flying through the air during a monster truck stunt makes her feel like, “superhero in a cartoon.”

1. True or False? A pickup truck is intended to haul a large commercial trailer. 2. What are the size requirements for monster truck tires? 3. Where is the engine on a “forward-engine” semi?

Look up the engine power and towing capabilities of early trucks like the Model TT, as well as those of a modern day pickup truck. Make a chart that compares and contrasts the loads trucks from each era could handle.

Until 1924 the Model TT was sold as a chassis and engine only. The body was extra. Starting with the 1924 model, the TT came with a body, while Ford managed to lower the price to $325.



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