Dear Santa 2016

Newbury Weekly News

Thursday, 1 December, 2016

Dear Santa, Please may I have for Christmas a red light sabre, and remote control BB8. My little brother would like a blue light sabre and a Rocky toy. I have a little sister too and this is her first Christmas, and I think she would like some balls to play with and a toy that plays music. Thank you Santa, I will leave you a beer and mince pie and some food for the reindeers. Love Finn (5 -and-a- half years), Camden (3 years) and Ayla (9 months)

Dear Santa, Please can you help my little sister to

Dear Santa, I have been a ver y good boy this year . This year I would like some Toot too cars, some building blocks and some new clothes. From William Barrett (age 11 months)

Dear Santa, I have been a ver y good girl this year . I would like a doll, some dressing up outfits and some Play-Doh. From Scarlett Barrett (age 2)

grow faster, so we can play chase

together and she can catch up with me. Please can we have some more movies about lions and a pony nightlight. Thank you. Love you lots. Yours, Emilia and Olivia

Dear Santa, Bring lots of chocolates with you. I will come with you and we give all chocolates to all those who cannot buy any . Those remaining we will eat on your sledge Santa! I love you, Anveeksha

Dear Santa, You know I am a girl and I have a long list of things Iand myfriends need.Can youmeet mydaddy whom I told all my things and give those to him. Please don’ t tell to Mumma or she will take those things. I love you. Aary

Dear Santa, I think you are brave and strong to deliver all the presents! I have been a good girl this year . Please can I have a real live elf for Christmas? He can help Elfie and Ernie who visit our house in December! Thank you Father Christmas! Love from Bethany xx

Dear Santa, I am looking for ward to Christmas. I have been a good boy this year . Please can I have a new train to play with? Thank you Santa. Love Elijah xx

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