Capabilities Brochure 2022

Over the last seven years, all of our business milestones, the moments connected to progress, breakthroughs and the feeling of possibility, have been linked to our relationship with the great people and culture of Bridgewater. Luke Carlson, chief executive officer

The team at Discover Strength understands that busy people don’t have time for workouts that don’t work. They believe that someone’s workouts should be as smart as everything else they do. By utilizing expert personal trainers, an evidence-based approach to exercise, and two 30-minute strength training workouts per week, they help clients look and feel their best in a fraction of the time of typical workouts. Operating since 2006, with seven Twin Cities locations, Discover Strength recently launched a franchise offering to help entrepreneurs do work they are passionate about while building a valuable asset. Look out, Twin Cities: Personalized strength training just got stronger.

Client since 2014

Discover strength



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