The vast majority of respondents (83%) are aware of data boxes ; however, only 8% of respondents actively use them . Regular users of data boxes can be found especially in the age category 45–59 years (12% of respondents), whereas people from the age range of 18–29 years very often state, surprisingly, that they are not aware of the data box at all (33% of respondents). Individuals who use the data box (8% of respondents mentioned above) com- mented on its level as follows: Satisfaction Dissatisfaction login method 88% 12% clarity, intuitiveness in handling 87% 13% number of services provided 78% 22% data archiving 72% 28% number of services free of charge 71% 29% Of course, the opinions of those respondents who are aware of the data boxes but do not use them were interesting. The most common reason they gave was that the data boxes were of no use : 68% I have no need or use for a data box. 14% I‘d rather handle the matter at the office counter. 14% I don‘t know how to set up a data box. 9% I‘m intimidated by the technical complexity of using a data box. 8% I’ concerned about the security of personal data. 7% I don‘t know what the data box is for. 4% Other reason 22% of respondents have an electronic identity card . However, it should be stressed that the online services it allows are only used by 7% of their owners (meaning only nine people from the surveyed sample of respondents). They mention that they most often used the online service of confirmation of no outstanding debts and a record of their driver’s demerit points. As far as the reasons why the respondents do not have an electronic identity card or do have one but did not activate the electronic chip , the following facts were stated: 60% I still have a valid old identity card and I don‘t want to change it. 32% I plan to get it in the future, but for now I only need a classic identity card. 12% I don‘t need a contact chip. 9% I don’t know about the possibility of an electronic identity card at all. 8% I don’t know what an electronic identity card is for.


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