5 CLOSING SUMMARY To conclude, we will briefly summarize the main findings of the research survey based on a sample of respondents from the ranks of representatives of companies, citizens and municipalities. 5.1 Government Offices Basedon the resultsof the research, it ispossible tosay that the representatives of the government offices view digitalization of public administration as clearly positive, although they are very critical of its current level of digitalization given that two thirds of respondents rate it as very poor. The digitalization of public administration offers great potential since the vast majority of respondents mention a high-quality infrastructure for high-speed internet. Up to 5 people are usually employed in offices as an ICT specialist, although the number of employees can of course be correlated with the size of the municipality. Furthermore, it should be emphasized that more than half of the respondents regularly send office staff to retrain in ICT skills. Where there are obvious differences in the size of the municipality is the use of electronic data collection and publication of open data, which are significantly higher in municipalities with more than 20,000 inhabitants. Most respondents mention that their office already has an approved strategy or plan for the implementation of e-government. However, the truth is that insufficient support from the state and lack of funding are cited as the main impediments to digitalization. Therefore, in addition to financial support from the state and regions, more effective digitalization of offices would be helped by specific instructions on what and how to digitalize, as well as available technical assistance from the state. As part of online services for citizens, representatives of authorities with extended powers would most often be interested in viewing and extracts from information systems and registers, the paperwork associatedwith the processing of personal documents and means of transport, as well as online solutions for administrative fees. Personal mobility, online access to local libraries or online solutions for marriage or registered partnership announcements do not appear to be important online services. Within the online administration of municipalities, representatives of offices with extended powers would most often be interested in the digitalization of the records management, archiving and online post office, as well as the modernization of technical support for digitalization. Digitalization of financial statements, online solutions for submitting information to the statistical office and, last but not least, online establishment of contributory organizations of the municipality can be considered not very relevant for the authorities.


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