APPENDIX 3 – QUESTIONNAIRE INTENDED FOR COMPANIES Survey Questions 1) Does digitalization positively affect the activities of your company? a) Definitely yes b) Somewhat c) Not really d) Definitely not 2) How would you evaluate the current state and level of digitalization in your company? a) Very advanced b) Advanced c) At the beginning d) It hasn’t commenced yet 3) For what reasons do you deal with digitalization in your company? (You can select more options.) a) This is a decision of the parent company. b) We are responding to the requirements of our business partners. c) We are responding to the requirements of our customers. d) In order to increase the competitiveness of the company. e) In order to increase the efficiency of business processes. f) Other reason (please specify what): ……………… ……………………… 4) What importance do you attach to digitalization within the overall strategy of your company? a) Maximum, this is a key priority. b) High, this is one of the fundamental priorities. c) Intermediate, this is one of the many important tasks we have to deal with. d) Low, this is a peripheral task. e) Currently none 5) Do you currently have a strategy for digitalizing your company? a) We have developed a long-term digitization strategy from the parent company. b) We have developed a long-termdigitization strategy –our own solution. c) We have developed a specific plan (s) for the progress of work in dig- italizing our company. d) We have not yet developed a strategy or digitization plan.


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