FC Life November 2017

Halloween Party Disco Fever 2017

by Marleen Hacker

Seventy members had a real “trick or treat party” on October 28, eating, drinking, and dancing the night away. Many thanks to Judy Konigsberg, Ethel Schultz and their committee, Martina, Ashish and all the staff at Food and Beverage for planning and decorating this wonderful event. Once again, Bernd our chef, was very creative with his culinary skills. Some delicious dishes included were “Frankenstein Caesar Salad”, “eyeball caprese salad”, “spooky kale salad”, “road kill olive chicken”, “headless shrimp cantonese” “death by chocolate cake”, “scary cookies” to name just a few. The theme was “Disco Fever”. “Mickey D”, Bill Coleman, and Keith Lang, the DJ’s that night, played all of our favorite music from the 70’s. They never took a break, and members never took a break off the dance floor. Everyone had fun dancing and singing and reminiscing. Many members wore all white or orange and black that night, but some took that extra step. Congratulations to Georgianna Cotton who came in third place, Ellen Buscemi for second place, and Marleen Hacker and Allan

Eisinger who came in first. All dressed in very imaginative “graveyard attire” with a great make-up job.

Marleen Hacker and Alan

Many thanks to Mai Fung, Marketing and Communications Manager, for taking photos and to JP Caldwell, our new FCTV Media Specialist, for videotaping the party.

Be sure to watch the event on channel 999.

Ellen Buscemi and Mark Levine

Georgiana Cotton and

J.P. Mitchell

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