AOAC ERP Gluten Assays - March 2019

AOAC RESEARCH INSTITUTE Expert Review Panel Chair Report for Gluten Assays Page 4 of 5


I. Welcome and Introductions The Expert Review Panel Co-Chairs Dr. Jean Pan and Terry Koerner welcomed Expert Review Panel members, initiated introductions, and discussed with the panel the goal of the meeting. II. Review of AOAC Volunteer Policies & Expert Review Panel Process Overview and Guidelines Deborah McKenzie presented a brief overview of AOAC Volunteer Policies, Volunteer Acceptance Agreement and Expert Review Panel Policies and Procedures which included Volunteer Conflicts of Interest, Policy on the Use of the Association, Name, Initials, Identifying Insignia, Letterhead, and Business Cards, Antitrust Policy Statement and Guidelines, and the Volunteer Acceptance Form (VAF). All members of the ERP were required to submit and sign the Volunteer Acceptance Form. In addition, she also presented an overview of the ERP process including meeting logistics, consensus, First Action to Final Action requirements, and documentation. III. Review of Methods The Expert Review Panel Co-Chair Dr. Terry Koerner discussed the methods to be reviewed and the ERP members presented a review and discussed AOAC Official Method 2012.01: Gliadin as a Measure of Gluten in Foods Containing Wheat, Rye, and Barley, Enzyme Immunoassay Method Based on a Specific Monoclonal Antibody to the Potentially Celiac Toxic Amino Acid Prolamine Sequences, First Action 2012. The method author Dr. Markus Lacorn of R-Biopharm was present and able to address questions and concerns of the ERP members. By consensus, the ERP presented the following motions for OMA 2012.01. MOTION: Motion by Popping; Second by Boison, to move 2012.01 for AOAC Final Action consideration status with the title being changed to “Gluten in Rice and Corn Based Foods” Consensus demonstrated by: (Unanimous) in favor, 0 opposed, and 0 abstentions. Motion Passed.

IV. Discuss Final Action Requirements for First Action Official Methods (if applicable) The First to Final Action requirements, if any, were noted in the meeting minutes above. V. Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 6:00pm.

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