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Prof's book guide to cheap eats around San Diego L ooking for a n in expe nsive place lo eal oul on your nexl lunc h break? Co nsid e r L ind a Visla Mex ica n Food , Ca r m e n's Linda Visla Mex ican Food , Pho Pasteur Restau rant or Real Guslo S eafood. Each resla uranl is located in n ea rby Lind a Visla , and each com es hig hly recom- m e nd e d by Dr. George Bryjak, assistant profes- sor of sociology. whose re- ce n Ll y publish e d pap e r- ba c k , " Th e S a n Di ego Budge l Gourm e t-Din ing Out for Under $5." is a g uid e to budgel r es - lauranls lhroughout San Diego. Mark calendar for July 30 M a rk l h e d ale of Wednesday, Jul y 30 on your cale n- da r. That's th e date of lh e sec- ond a nnua l Staff Appre-

George Bryjak

Dr. Bryj ak . somelimes accompa nied by Dr. Gary Macy, assoc ia le professor of religious slud ies , spent five months sam p li ng a rea restaura nts whil e research- ing lhe book. He inc luded re vi ews of 7 3 re sta ur- ants - rang ing from such li ttl e known ealeri es as Per- ry 's Cafe a nd Coo Coo Bol- li e n' Beef lo su c h b e tte r known spots as lhe Spice Rack and World Famous. T h e book is available in a rea bookstores. • p loyee of th e Yea r a re among th e ac tiviti es pla n- ned. "We' re a lso planning a few o t her surprises," ac- cording to Calista Frank, Human Re sourc e s coo r- dinator of employment a nd training. As th ey did last yea r, a dministrators will cook and s erve lunch. For more information, contac t Huma n Resources at ext. 4594 . •

"This is our once a year time when we pa use from our da il y sch ed ul es lo say thank you lo a ll of our em - p loyees who serve the Un i- versity," says Dr. Judith Munoz , direc tor of Huma n Resou rces. A d eej ay, doo r priz es, pres enta tion of sl a ff serv- ice ce rtifi cates a nd p ins, a nd a nnouncem ent of the Uni ve rs it y's 1986 Em-

ciation Picnic-an a fler- noon whe n the University 's employees will get togeth er for food and drink , music, prizes a nd othe r entertain- m e n t. All employees-staff. a d- m in is lr a lors a nd fac ul - ty- a re inv ite d to atte nd a nd pa rti c ipate in t h e ac - tivities. The picnic will be- gin a l noon at lhe grassy a rea east of Founders Ha ll.

Vol. 2, No. 8

USD Employees Newsletter

May 1986

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