Alcalá View 1986 3.5

New staff, promotions

Construction From page 1 be comp leted by Jan- uary 1. A new softball field in the northeast corner of cam- pus is finished. It will be used for intramural games spring semester. Grading work for a road connecting the field to Santa Anna Road is in progress. In the same area. crews are trucking in soil to what will be the future site of a track and soccer field. A site for a ch ild care cen- ter in the east campus area a lso has been identified. according to Zeterberg . The site is just east of the existing interco ll egiate baseball field. Feasibility studies have been com- pleted for a 5.000-square- foot center capable of han- dling 35-45 children daily. No tentative date has been established for con-

following staff emp loyees who recently received a pro- motion or transfer: Efrain Zamora, from as- sistant cook to cook. Dining Services; Maria Perez, from custodian to assistant cook. Dining Services ; Mercedes Bennett, from secretary II. Trusts & Es- tates: to clerical assistant I. Loan Collections; Rose Craig, from clerical assis- tant I. Loan Collections: to clerical assistant I. Finan- cial Aid. • Here's help for those holiday blues For many reason s. the holiday s eason can b e a lime of stress rathe r th a n joy and happin es s ro r many peop le. Th e Un ive rsit y or S a n Diego provides th e se rvi ces or an Emp loyee Assista nce Program (EAP) lo ass is t a nyon e d es iring help in dea ling wilh probl em s th a t ca n b e es pec iall y ac ut e during th e holidays. For as- sistan ce call 275-2 3 20 to make an a ppointment lo ta lk w ith th e EAP coun- se lor. Ir you wou ld like rur- th c r inform a tion a bout th e program. pl ea se ca ll Lou Hassan al ext. 4594. The EAP provid es confiden- tial s ervices. •

struction because the pro- ject is dependent upon Uni- versity fund raising efforts. Other projects Feasibility studies have been completed and archi- tects are working on sche- matic drawings for a 24.000-square-foot addi- tion as well as remodeling of the Kratter Law Library. The add ition and remodel- in g will help re lieve the library ·s overcrowded conditions. Construction start-up is dependent upon University fund raising efforts. Finally. work crews have completed a landscap ing project al Casa de Alcala. the home of President Au- thor and Marge Hughes lo- cated northwest of Copley Library. The project was designed to en large the outside lawn area to ac- commodate social gathe r- ings al lhe house. Zeter- berg exp lains. •

Welcome to the following new staff employees who re- cently joined the USO com- munity: Jessica Harrison, sen- ior secretary, Law School [rehire); Daniel Rivera, grounds supervisor. Physi- cal Plant; Kay Brown, sec- retary, Housing ; Robin O'Bryan, secretary, Arts & Sciences; Candace Mulvey, secretary. Law School ; Erlinda Leong, clerk. Din- ing Services : Marjorie Dulaney, secretary. Law School: Kinlberly Parks, secretary, Law School: Julieta Rangel, c le rk . Controller; Judy Sanchez, clerical assistant. Control- ler (rehire) . Congratulations to the

Alcala V i ew is publish ed monthly August through May by th e Publicalions and Hu- man Resourc es offices. The newsletter is distributed to all Un iversity of San Di ego employees.

Need to lose some of that extra weight you 're likely to gain during the holiday season? You can lose those pounds by enrolling in employee aerobics classes. which will be offered again next semester. Watch for registration details soon , or contact Barbara Walsh at ext. 4490 for details.

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