Alcalá View 1986 3.5

Remodeling projects will begin soon After departments across campus vacate their cur- rent officesfor new quarters in the University Center. a series of ofice renovations and relocations will get un- der way across campus. Among the scheduled pro- jects: Serra Hall Remodeling the existing student union area in the Serra Hall basem ent will be the first priority. The space will be renovated to accommod ate ex p a nd e d la boratory space for biol- ogy and physics. a n ew electronics lab for electri- cal enginee ring. a com - pute r lab a nd classroom. and a bout 30 offices for math . compute r. electrical engineering and other sci- ence faculty. Demolilion work is scheduled lo occur in J a n - ua ry during Intersession . acco rding lo John Zeter- berg, director of Physical Pla nt. Conslruction will be compl ete d . h e says . by mid-1987 . Also in 1987. the Finan- c ia l Aid Office will gain th e space on lhe second floor of Serra vacaled by Studenl Affairs. The Admissions Of-

fice. localed across lhe ha ll from Financial Aid. a lso w ill be re novaled a l lhal lime. Camino Hall Remodeling of lhe ex ist- ing dining area in Camino Ha ll inlo spac e for fin e a rls a nd the Naval Rese rve Offi ce r Training Corps (NROTC) program will be lhe number lwo priorily af- te r lhe Serra Ha ll projec t The existing dining room in Camino will be renovaled inlo a pe rforming arls cen- le r - likely equipped wilh a mova bl e slage and seats. The cenler will give the fin e a rls deparlmenl lhe capa- b ili ly of staging produc- tions in a more inlimale set- ling than Camino Theater as well as providing space for dress rehearsals. Zeter- berg says. Anolhe r rehearsa l room . a pholography la b and a s lude nt art cenle r for ex- hibiting a rt in a gall e ry- lype setting a lso are pla nned for fin e arts in the vacated Camino space. The NROTC program will gain several new offices to be co ns t ru cted in space now occupi e d by the Camino kit chen. Food Se rvice offices and along the back of Camino Hall. The space will help accom- modate the growth which has occurred in the NROTC prog ra m. The Student Health Cen- le r a lso will be expanded during Camino r e nova- tions.

Ze le rb e rg expects the Camino work to be com- pleled in the 1987-88 time fram e. Other moves As the office shuffle con- tinues. College of Arts and Sciences faculty and Uni- versity Relations units will rece ive space in Guadalupe Ha ll. Hui:n a n Resource s will gain lhe DeSales Board Room and Preside n t's Din- ing Room to meet space de- mands. a nd Financial Af- fairs will expand into space provided as facu lty consoli- dation into S e rra a nd Guad a lu_p e Halls takes place. "'Add itiona l plans will be firm ed up as space needs are clarified and priori ties

es tablish e d." Z e te rb e rg says.

East campus construction

Framing is unde r way on the 156-unit student apart- m ent complex unde r con - struction next to the Sports Cente r. The apartments, which will help m ee t the demand for campus hous- in g . wil l b e compl e t e d early in the summer and will be ready for occupancy by fall 1987. Four new tennis courts also are unde r constru c- tion nex t to the housing. The tennis courts - with lights for night play - will (Please see next page)

December 1986

USD Employees Newsletter

Vol.3, No. 5

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