Accessing MH Services Book - March 2016

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Accessing Mental Health Services in the Fond du Lac Community

Contact school and speak with teacher, principal, nurse, school counselor or social worker, psychologist, or other school staff regarding concerns.

Fond du Lac School District Fond du Lac High School (920) 929-2740 Sabish Middle School (920) 929-2800 Theisen Middle School (920) 929-2850 Woodworth Middle School (920) 929-6900 Chegwin Elementary School (920) 929-2820 Evans Elementary School (920) 929-2828 Lakeshore Elementary School (920) 929-2901 Parkside Elementary School (920) 929-2840 Pier Elementary School (920) 929-2868 Riverside Elementary School (920) 929-2880 Roberts Elementary School (920) 929-2835 Rosenow Elementary School (920) 929-2996 STEM Academy (920) 906-6722 Waters Elementary School (920) 929-2845

North Fond du Lac School District: Horace Mann High School (920) 929-3740 Bessie Allen Middle School (920)929-3754 Friendship - Early Learning Center (920) 929-3757

Use this booklet if you have a concern about: your child’s mental health or the social, emotional, or behavioral development of your child

Ask for a meeting with school staff to talk about concerns

School staff may discuss options within the school or refer to another service

Offered by CSI (Comprehensive Service Integration). CSI is working for safe and healthy schools and communities in the Fond du Lac County. Many things, like positive relationships, family connections, and environ- ment, affect children’s well-being. Meeting their needs now will result in healthy adults and a safe community for everyone.

YScreen is a mental health check-up availa- ble to students in grades 8 - 12 in Fond du Lac county schools. The program is used to

Community Counselor or Service


identify risk factors associated with depression, anxiety, and alcohol and

For more information, please visit

substance abuse. It is free and confidential. For more information call (920) 906-6777 or (920)906-6700 ext 4714.

Children do best when families, providers, and schools work together as a team. Parents may want to consider signing release of information forms to make sure that all current providers are aware of the concerns and referral.

This Booklet is also available in Spanish

Approved June, 2010 and revised December, 2012, April 2015, March, 2016

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