Accessing MH Services Book - March 2016

I need help for my child right now.

I am concerned about my child’s mental health, but it is not an emergency.

Has your child harmed or threatened to harm themselves or others? Is this a life-threatening emergency? Are you immediately concerned for you or your child’s safety?

If the child already has a counselor, contact the counselor.

If the child has a physician, contact the physician. The physician may be able to assist with a referral.

I answered YES to at least one of the questions above and/or my child appears to be experiencing a mental health crisis.

I answered NO to all the questions above and my child does not appear to be experiencing a mental health crisis. Go to next page.

Do you have insurance or medical assistance?


Check to see if your employer has an EAP (Employee Assistance Program). If so, contact the EAP.

Call the number on the back of your insurance card to check mental health benefits and providers.


Contact 24/7 Crisis Intervention (920) 929-3535 The FdL County Department of Communi- ty Programs (DCP) Crisis Intervention has trained staff on hand 24 hours per day and 7 days a week to respond to men- tal health emergencies.

To learn about Medical Assistance contact: Dept of Social Services (920) 929-3400

Call 911 Or Contact Police

COMMUNITY PROVIDERS THAT MAY OFFER SER- VICES BASED ON ABILITY TO PAY: Catholic Charities (920) 923-2550 FDL County Dept of Community Programs (DCP) (920) 929-3565 Lutheran Social Services (920) 924-5222 Children do best when families, providers, and schools work together as a team. Parents may want to consider signing release of information forms to make sure that all current providers are aware of concerns and referral. School-based services may also be an option. Go to next page.

Community Mental Health Providers: Affiliated Counseling, LLC (920) 922-7440 Agnesian HealthCare Behavioral Health Services (920) 926-4200 Aurora Behavioral Health (920) 907-7000 Catholic Charities (920) 923-2550 Christian Family Counseling (920) 731-9798 Delta Center LLC (920) 921-3343 Doll and Associates, Service of Agnesian HealthCare (920) 907-8201 FDL County Dept. of Community Programs (DCP) (920) 929-3565 Fond du Lac Psychotherapy and Fond du Lac Psychiatry (920) 923-9054 Integrated Counseling LLC (920) 929-9140 Lutheran Social Services (920) 924-5222 Minerva Counseling (920) 933-5307 Morning Star Counseling Service (920) 922-9552 SHARDS Inc (920) 204-6570

Medical Emergency: Call 911 Or go to Emergency Room

If child already has a counselor, follow established crisis plan and/or contact counselor

When in Doubt . . . Contact 24/7 Crisis!!!! (920) 929-3535

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