NOCTILUCA March 2018

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Appleton, Wisconsin

March 2018

Vol. XXIII Issue IV

Celebrating Volunteers

Anika Hendricks, Forrest Bomann, Emma Kimball, and Katherine Newman are all student volunteers at North through the National Honors Society, where they find many volunteer opportunities. Photo collage by Maddie Clark. Photos courtesy of Anika Hendricks, Forrest Bomann, Emma Kimball, and Katherine Newman.

Students give insight on why they volunteer

help better the world around them. Some even volunteer because it looks good on a college resume. Anika Hendricks, a senior at Appleton North, volun- teers for similar reasons. “I volunteer because, from a very young age, my parents taught me that there is noth- ing more fulfilling than help- ing others and making the world a better place. That is my primary motivation and it helps to keep me focused on what is really important,” said Hendricks. She has vol-

unteered through groups such as National Honor So- ciety and Key Club. Through these clubs, she has vol- unteered for Teens Against Tobacco Use and tutoring. Additionally, she became the primary student contact for the Community Blood Center at North last sum- mer. “I continue to volun- teer because it reminds me that there are always people that need my help. If I don’t volunteer, I’m not doing my best to improve the lives of people around me,” said

Hendricks when asked why she continues to volunteer. Also a senior at Appleton North, Katherine Newman has volunteered in order to make a difference in peo- ple’s lives, a value instilled in her since childhood. “My parents have always encour- aged helping out and vol- unteering at church events. Over time, I’ve come to en- joy doing these activities,” said Newman. Currently, she volunteers with Faith Lu- theran Church and National Honors Society. Through

these groups, she has taught a Vacation Bible School class, helped with Christ- mas clean up at Hearthstone House, tutored ELL stu- dents, and helped put in new flooring and the Faith Min- istry Center and the Celebra- tion Ministry Center. New- man continues to volunteer because of the message of volunteering instilled in her. “I continue to volunteer be- cause I enjoy working with other people. I guess I could See Clark , page 2

At the beginning of Feb- ruary, an email was sent out to every educator in the Ap- pleton Area School District on how they could create a culturally and linguistically responsive classroom. This email was sent out by Mr. Kempton Freeman, the Afri- can American Multicultural Support Specialist for the AASD. The topic of the email and the focus of the AASD’s Multicultural Team is very important given the magni- tude cultural responsiveness has in our social and political climate, especially with the Black Lives Matter move- ment and President Trump’s decisions on DACA. What are the motivations of the Multicultural team raises awareness of all cultures By Maddie Clark A person who freely offers to take part in an enterprise or undertake a task. That is the definition of a volunteer. There are many volunteers in the Fox Cities and the com- munity of Appleton North. Some people volunteer to help a cause that is important to them. Some volunteer to By Maddie Clark

Group helps bring cultural awareness to district

“The focus is to provide a bridge of support between staff, students and families and to create opportunities for communication between all channels.”

- Yer Lor, Hmong Cultural Support Specialist

Multicultural Team? The Multicultural Team is a group of five individuals all working in different ways to help the district become more culturally responsive. “The focus is to provide a bridge of support between staff, students, and families and to create opportunities for communication between

Kempton Freeman is the African American Multicultural Support Specialist for the Multicultural Team, which helps bring cultural awareness to the Appleton Area School District. Photo courtesy of Kempton Freeman

the Hmong Cultural Sup- port Specialist of the Multi- cultural Team. In addition to providing opportunities for students, the Multicultural Team also helps students

educate themselves on seeing life from all angles, not just from their own.

all channels. Another main focus is to provide opportu- nities for students, whether it would be community-based or ones that we coordinate ourselves,” says Yer Lor,

See Clark , page 2

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