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Valeo, your Transmission systems specialist. Valeo Transmission Systems’ mission is to be the supplier of choice for all powertrain architectures with innovative technologies developed for efficient and comfortable power transfer from the engine to the transmission, whilst reducing fuel consumption. This 2 Year warranty Unlimited Mileage new warranty scheme will directly benefit to road freight transport operators by optimizing their Total Cost of Ownership. Where ratio part durability versus reliability is the key indicator, Valeo Clutch is assuring the best solution to high demands in O.E. quality from Truck fleets. This technical handbook is the opportunity to explain you the warranty contents but also the essential tips to know when handling, fitting or maintaining the clutch parts in a truck for your daily support.»

©2017 - Valeo Service SAS au capital de 12 900 000 euros - RCS Bobigny n°306 486 408 • © Design and print - Crédits photos: ; Enjoy :) ; Christian Schryve - Compiègne ; 1000&1 Images ; ETAI ; Advence - Ref: 958339 *2 YEAR WARRANTY IN EUROPE - UNLIMITED MILEAGE - Warranty is applicable in Europeen Union 28 countries added by Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia , Bosnia, Albania and Kosovo for truck clutch applications (diam.>267 mm) under normal conditions of use and service. For more information please contact you local dealer or refer to Valeo Service General terms and conditions

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